Zhanique Lovett is a personal trainer who first competed in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 9. Zhanique is a mother of two who has grown up from a tragic childhood, with her mother being an alcoholic. Lovett currently raises two kids with her husband, Joseph.

American Ninja Warrior 9

During her qualifying run, Lovett made an impressive first attempt in competition, where she made it to the Warped Wall before failing to scale it three times. However, Zhanique placed 24th overall in qualifying, and had additionally placed the best among the women in Los Angeles qualifying. Zhanique later failed the Warped Wall again in the city finals even though she placed 22nd overall, Zhanique placed 2nd among the top 2 women. Thus, she was able to advance to Vegas as a rookie. She failed the Double Dipper on Stage 1.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Zhanique returned to compete in LA in American Ninja Warrior 10. She was the first competitor to run the course in qualifying and fell on the Doorknob Drop but placed 2nd in the women's top 5. In the city finals, she failed the Doorknob Drop again and did not advance to the national finals as she placed 25th overall and 3rd among women. But Tiana Webberley was injured and could not compete in Las Vegas, so Zhanique replaced her. Her run was all cut in Vegas, but it was revealed that she failed the first obstacle, Archer Alley.


  • Her son, Joseph Jr, was known by many for his "sideshow performance" on the sidelines. On multiple instances when Zhanique was on the course, Joseph would do a backflip.
  • Zhanique is usually nicknamed "Zhanique Magnifique!" by Akbar.
Zhanique Lovett at the Los Angeles Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2017

Zhanique Lovett at the Los Angeles Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2017

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