Zhang Wang Yang (張汪洋) is an acrobat from China who competed in SASUKE 31. Although his First Stage run was digested, he cleared with a mere 0.59 seconds left, but in the Second Stage, he timed out on the Wall Lifting where he beat all three walls, but ran out of time just before he hit the button. Had there been another second left on the clock, he would have cleared, just missing out on becoming the first rookie to reach the Third Stage since Ryan Stratis in SASUKE 27 (this was then achieved by Ragivaru Anastase who ran next).

He competed in SASUKE 32 and wore number 84. His run was digested, showing that he failed the Soritatsu Kabe, an obstacle that he cleared in the last tournament.


SASUKE # Result Notes
31 49 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Digest. Time Out.
32 84 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Digest. Time Out.
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