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Yureru Hashi (揺れる橋), called Shaking Bridge (SASUKE 1)/Balance Bridge (SASUKE 2 onwards) in English broadcasts, was a First Stage obstacle from the first seven SASUKE tournaments which debuted as the fifth obstacle in the first two tournaments, however, possibly due to the introduction of the iconic Rolling Maruta in SASUKE 3, it would then be placed at third obstacle to possibly provide disadvantage to the competitors, as they would be a bit dizzy after attempting Rolling Maruta.

The obstacle was a bridge supported on a horizontal axis. There were ropes connected sideway to the bridge on SASUKE 1 (somewhat similar to Balance Bridge in ANW 5), but was removed in later tournaments. A wooden wedge was placed in the middle of the bridge to prevent competitors from simply running across the bridge.

Many found that the best way to clear this obstacle was to make a huge leap to the middle of the bridge, then use their momentum to throw themselves forward to the landing platform. Most of the failures happened due to the competitors failing to commit when crossing the bridge, resulting in the bridge tilting too much and they weren't able to recover. It, however, still had a high clear rate, prompting the producers to replace it with Ōdama in SASUKE 8.

Miura Eiichi attempting Yureru Hashi in SASUKE 1

The naming of Balance Bridge confused a lot of international viewers, as there is an obstacle in the future that will be named as Balance Bridge, as well as there is an obstacle in KUNOICHI tournaments named Fuandou that was also called Balance Bridge in English broadcasts.

KUNOICHI Appearance

Shaking Bridge (シェイキングブリッジ), sometimes still referred as Yureru Hashi in KUNOICHI broadcasts, was a RED Stage (First Stage) obstacle which first introduced in KUNOICHI 2017 Summer, introduced as the third obstacle.

The only difference was that the wedge in the middle was larger and secured with velcro (hook and loop fastener), as well as the differed material. Probably due to this, the obstacle was much easier compared to SASUKE's version, only eliminating six competitors in total.

Mizuno Yūko attempting Shaking Bridge
in KUNOICHI 2017 Summer

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.


SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
1 46 51 90.20%
2 38 42 90.48%
3 24 29 82.76%
4 57 65 87.69%
5 53 54 98.15%
6 64 65 98.46%
7 55 56 98.21%
Total 337 362 93.09%


KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
2017 Summer 42 45 93.33%
2018 43 46 93.48%
Total 85 91 93.41%