Yoshinaga Katsumi (吉永 克己) is an elementary school teacher and the original SASUKE Sensei. He first competed in SASUKE 2 but was all cut. At the time of his second tournament, he was still a senior in the Nippon Sport Science University. He failed the Maruta Kudari.

In SASUKE 5, he was the first person to ever clear the Soritatsu Kabe and only the second person to make it to that obstacle at the time. However, it took him two attempts to scale the wall and had about 10 seconds left after clearing it. Because of this, he might have been rushing the Rope Climb, as he fell into the water after klazon started to sound.

He returned in SASUKE 6 as SASUKE Sensei, wearing #7. There, he was again the first one to beat the Soritatsu Kabe in the tournament. However, like last time, it took him two attempts to scale the wall and he once again failed on the Rope Climb. This time he was able to attempt it with enough time than last tournament and didn't fell into the water. He timed out with less than 4 seconds of clearing.

Because of his two near misses on the First Stage, Yoshinaga was given a very high number in SASUKE 7, #88. There, he was finally able to clear the First Stage in time, clearing with 4.2 seconds left. However, in the Second Stage, Yoshinaga lost his grip after the first chain on the Chain Reaction and fell there.

Around this time, Asaoka Hiroyuki was also starting to be called SASUKE Sensei as he was also an elementary school teacher. To decide who would get the nickname, the two competed on Kinniku Banzuke's Quick Muscle event. Asaoka finished with 191 push-ups while Yoshinaga could only do 146, and Asaoka was given the nickname.

Yoshinaga competed two more times, failing the Jump Hang both times.

Yoshinaga returned after approximately 16 years of absence on SASUKE 35. Sadly, his run was all cut and he failed the TIE Fighter. He ties the record for the biggest hiatus with Tatayama Masaaki, missing 26 tournaments.


SASUKE # Result Notes
2 80 Failed Maruta Kudari (First Stage) All Cut.
5 33 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out.
6 7 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out.
7 88 Failed Chain Reaction (Second Stage) Lost Grip.
8 39 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) All Cut.
9 59 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Digest.
35 39 Failed TIE Fighter (First Stage) Paravi Original.


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