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Yamamoto Ryosuke is an actor who has competed twice. In SASUKE 30, he failed the Jump Hang Kai, and held #2949. He also competed in SASUKE 31. However he did slightly worse by failing one obstacle before the Jump Hang Kai. He failed the Orugōru.

In SASUKE 35 he competed with a high number #85. His run was all cut but it is knows that he fell in the TIE Fighter.

He currently plays the character of Fukami Makoto / Kamen Rider Specter in TV Asahi's Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Ghost.


SASUKE # Result Notes
30 2949 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage)
31 12 Failed Orugōru (First Stage)
35 85 Failed TIE Fighter (First Stage)