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Yamamoto Hiroshige is an SEGA Attendant and also a member of SASUKE All-Star Yamada Katsumi's group, the Black Tigers.

He debuted in SASUKE 29 and wore #47, failing the Jump Hang Kai.

In the next tournament SASUKE 30, he cleared the Jump Hang Kai and became the second person that day to clear the First Stage with 18.4 seconds left. In the Second Stage, Yamamoto was disqualified on the Swap Salmon Ladder when the bar landed improperly on the last set of rungs.

In SASUKE 31, he once again cleared the First Stage, but in the Second Stage he was slowed down by the Backstream. It took him three attempts to get past the rapids and he timed out just as he got out of the pool.

In SASUKE 32, he moved through the first 6 obstacles at a decent pace. He took several attempts at the Soritatsu Kabe, but still had made it up. This, however, slowed him down enough to time out by 0.1 seconds on the Lumberjack Climb.

Yamamoto next competed in SASUKE 33, but failed in the First Stage for the second time in a row, as he was eliminated at the Fish Bone.

In SASUKE 34, he cleared the First Stage for the third time, but in the Second Stage he timed out on the Wall Lifting. He did not seem to notice he timed out and was clearly disappointed when the announcer said he did.

In SASUKE 35, he wore his highest number to date, #61. But had a surprising fall on the Rolling Hill. He hasn't competed since, sadly.


SASUKE # Result Notes
29 47 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage) Digest
30 2932 Failed Swap Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Disqualified for landing bar improperly.
31 34 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Time Out. Got out of the tank as time expired.
32 33 Failed Lumberjack Climb (First Stage) Time Out. Hit the buzzer 0.1 second late
33 31 Failed Fish Bone (First Stage)
34 47 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Time Out.
35 61 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage) Failed platform.