Yamada Miho is an olympian Olympicrings that has competed on SASUKE and KUNOICHI.


Yamada made her debut in SASUKE 12 (which has so far been her only appearence on SASUKE) where she easily advanced through the Yamagoe although on the Jump Hang she did not jump far enough and fell into the water.


In the 1st competition she was given #83 and she fought through the course and though she slipped briefly on the Enchu Nori she became the first ever to finish with 5.15 seconds remaining, and only she and Yusa Masami had beaten the First Stage in that tournament. In the Second Stage she started the Daichoyaku and she jumped far and though she grabbed the mat she touched the water and was disqualified.

In KUNOICHI 2 she was granted #100 for her previous performance, however she misjudged her distance on the Enchu Nori and failed there.

In KUNOICHI 4 Yamada returned with a vengeance wearing #90. She would avenge her past two defeats and face the third stage. As she started the Torentta she slipped and used her hands on the obstacle resulting in disqualification.


SASUKE # Result Notes
12 90 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
KUNOICHI # Result Notes
1 83 Failed Daichoyaku (Second Stage) Her feet touched the water.
2 100 Failed Enchu Nori (First Stage)
4 90 Failed Torentta (Third Stage)
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