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Women of Ninja Warrior is an edited version of KUNOICHI, created and shown by G4 logo.png in the United States. Women of Ninja Warrior is usually drastically reduced in time and in content, and many errors in translation occur.


Like Ninja Warrior, each KUNOICHI tournament is split into several 30-minute episodes. The tournaments range from 2 to 4 episodes in length. The Japanese commentary is subtitled, although this is often incorrect or heavily stylized. Voice actor Dave Wittenberg provides introductions and analysis.

The running order of the competitors, which is usually direct in the original TBS broadcast, is shuffled around to give a wider range of results per episode. Episodes featuring the second and third stages usually begin with the competitor who failed the earliest, and the third stage usually ends with the competitor who got the furthest.


The Women of Ninja Warrior format is shown in many different countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Croatia , Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, Malaysia, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Africa.

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