Wipeout is an obstacle course game show on ABC, known for having the "world's largest obstacle course". The show was hosted by John Henson, John Anderson, and Jill Wagner.

The format of the show consisted of four rounds, in which a total of 24 competitors attempt to complete obstacles in order to eventually make it to the final round, the "Wipeout Zone", in hopes of being the top competitor of the episode. The winner is rewarded with a cash prize of $50,000 by ABC.

The game show premiered in 2008. By fans, it was conceived to be similar to the format of American Ninja Warrior's obstacles after ANW started airing. However, the format of the game was vastly different than that of ANW's. By comparison, American Ninja Warrior premiered one year later in 2009. Wipeout later concluded its series in 2014, which was around the time American Ninja Warrior 6 was airing.

Wipeout Alumni

In total, there have been a total of five American Ninja Warrior competitors that have previously competed on Wipeout:

Name Wipeout Episode ANW Rookie Season
Jim Klimek Season 6, Episode 9: Cat-Faced Shirt American Ninja Warrior 2
Jessie Graff Season 1, Episode 10: Road to the Final Episode American Ninja Warrior 5
Scott Willson Season 7, Episode 4: Win a Date With Jill American Ninja Warrior 7
Jeremy Rivette Season 5, Episode 15: Blind Date 2012 American Ninja Warrior 10
Wilson Kennedy Season 4, Episode 27: Ballsy's Playground American Ninja Warrior 10

In total, all five competitors have participated in a regional round within the state of California (whether it be Venice Beach or Los Angeles). This is likely due to the fact that Wipeout was taped in Santa Clarita, which was also in the state of California.


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