William Spencer (ウィリアムスペンサー) is a freerunner and training partner of Levi Meeuwenberg, who competed on the first American Ninja Warrior competition. In the qualifying round, despite his young age and relative inexperience with free-running, he surprisingly blazed through the course and got the fastest time of 33 seconds.

In the semi-finals, he again got the fastest time; 1:23 seconds, mostly due to an extremely fast pace up the Cargo Climb. In the finals, he got second in his group behind Levi Meeuwenberg. However, he collapsed due to heat exhaustion after the first challenge, was unable to continue and subsequently disqualified.

He returned to compete on American Ninja Warrior 2, where, despite moving at a more cautious pace than last year, he completed the qualifying round in 8th place. But in the semi-finals, he struggled on the Rope Swing, and ultimately failed the Salmon Ladder after struggling to keep the bar even and eventually losing his grip. He placed 17th overall and did not move on, after being eliminated by Shane Daniels.

It's Effin' Science

One year after his first ANW attempt. William made an appearance on the new G4 TV show. It's Effin' Science. He was a demonstrator for a science experiment called the rocket skateboard. He was to ride it up a ramp and land it (albeit bailing due to the speed of the board).

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