Watanabe Kazue (渡辺和江) is a former "KUNOICHI" All Star. She was a track and field star at Nittai University.

She debuted in KUNOICHI 2 wearing 89. She was only of the three women to complete the First Stage that day, doing so with 10.22 seconds left. She will advance all the way to the third and final stage, however, on the Tenkudou, due also to a snowfall, she quickly lose her balance, and fail.

She returned in KUNOICHI 3 with number 85. She advanced all the way to the Third Stage (now Kunoichi has four stages just like SASUKE), but on the dreaded Torentta, she was unable to clear the Yellow Zone (the third of the four zones).

In her final appearance in KUNOICHI 4, she wore a low number, 50, and she will again battle through the first two stages clearing it with little time left. She was able to clear the Yellow Zone of Torentta, but unfortunately she fell on the Red Zone. She hasn't competed since.


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
2 89 Balance Walk (Final Stage) Completed about 1/4 of the obstacle
3 85 Torentta (Third Stage) Yellow Zone (25th Domino)
4 50 Torentta (Third Stage) Red Zone (30th Domino)


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