Personal Life

Watanabe is a Mixed Martial Artist and Kickboxer. She is well known for competing in KUNOICHI and VIKING. She has also fought shootboxer, RENA.


Hisae Watanabe has competed in KUNOICHI 4 times.

The first time she competed, in KUNOICHI 2, she was one of few to clear the Buyoishi. However, on the Fuchawatari, she reached the center then slid off the side into the cold water.

In KUNOICHI 3, she could be seen nearly falling off the new Fuandou. However, she recovered. Hisae then took on the new Haso Tobi, but came up short on the landing.

In KUNOICHI 4, Hisae was quickly shown to be failing the Fuchawatari after losing her balance.

She made her fourth appearance at KUNOICHI 5. Given #94, she quickly raced through the first half of the course. On the Enchu Nori, she stumbled and was tossed into the water.

She them competed in KUNOICHI 7. Her run was cut, but it is known that she became victim to the new harsh, Danchigaibou.

Watanabe made her final appearance at KUNOICHI 8. On the First Stage, she was in front of her group. However, when dismounting the Tsuritenbou, she mistepped and face-planted into the water.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
2 21 Failed Fuchawatari (First Stage)
3 67 Failed Haso Tobi (First Stage) Digest 3-4
4 82 Failed Fuchawatari (First Stage) Digest 4-5
5 94 Failed Enchu Nori (First Stage) Digest 5-4
7 22 Failed Danchigaibou (First Stage) All Cut
8 2 Failed Tsuritenbou (First Stage)


Hisae Watanabe has competed on VIKING once.

She competed in VIKING 1, she could be seen jumping to the Castaway, but then dropping directly into the water below.

VIKING # Result Notes
1 Failed Castaway (First Marine Stage) Digest 2-2
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