The Vertical Limit (バーティカルリミット) is an obstacle introduced in the Third Stage of the course redesign in SASUKE 28, the tournament after Urushihara Yuuji's second kanzenseiha.

The obstacle is composed of a flat wall with a 1cm ledge embedded on the bottom of the wall. Competitors must cross the wall using the pinch grip or using only their fingertips to reach the green resting bar of the Pipe Slider.

Since its introduction in SASUKE 28, the obstacle have three different versions, with Morimoto Yūsuke being the only competitor to attempt and complete all three versions.

SASUKE 28-30 Version

The Vertical Limit (バーティカルリミット) was introduced as the fifth obstacle in the Third Stage, with the course redesign in SASUKE 28.

The obstacle was composed of one long flat wall with a 1cm ledge placed on the bottom of the wall. There were also two resting bars that competitors can grab onto after crossing the obstacle, which would lead them to the next obstacle (the Pipe Slider).

Out of the four competitors to attempt the obstacle in a span of three tournaments, only one competitor (Kishimoto Shinya) failed.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
28 0 0 N/A
29 1 1 100%
30 2 3 66.67%
Total 3 4 75%

Vertical Limit Kai [Version 2]

In SASUKE 31, the obstacle was renamed to the Vertical Limit Kai (バーティカルリミット改), literally "Modified Vertical Limit".

The obstacle was split into two sections, where the smaller section was placed 30 cm forward to make the transition between the first and second sections more difficult.

Both competitors to attempt it, Morimoto Yūsuke and Kanno Hitoshi, showed signs of struggle during the transition, although Kanno was the only one of the two to fail at the obstacle.

This version only lasted for one tournament. With Morimoto Yūsuke achieving kanzenseiha in that tournament, this resulted in the obstacle being modified for future tournaments.

Frontal view of the Vertical Limit Kai, SASUKE 31

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
31 1 2 50%
Total 1 2 50%

SASUKE 32~ Version

In SASUKE 32, the tournament following Morimoto Yusuke's kanzenseiha, the Vertical Limit Kai was modified, with the first section split into two sections. This obstacle would eventually compose of three separate sections instead of two, with the ledges facing the opposite direction compared to the previous tournaments.

The distance between the first to second sections and second to third sections were 30cm and 60cm respectively. The transition from the third section to the resting bar was 15cm.

To make the obstacle incredibly difficult, it was tied together with the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger with no rest.

With the obstacle modified once again, the Vertical Limit became one of the five obstacles to be modified in three consecutive SASUKE tournaments, along with the Jumping Spider, Flying Chute, Sidewinder R, and Fish Bone.

The first competitor to make it there, Drew Drechsel, fell instantly upon attempting the transition from the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger.

In SASUKE 33, it was also connected to the Pipe Slider by adding a netting on the green resting bars, which made the second half of the Third Stage had no resting point. No one attempted it that tournament, albeit the change was undone in the next tournament.

In SASUKE 34, only Morimoto Yūsuke attempted it, and he failed roughly halfway through the first section, due to running out of stamina when he started the obstacle.

In SASUKE 35, a green resting platform was added between the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger and Vertical Limit Kai (which was simply called as the Vertical Limit for simplicity sake). With this, competitors could rest for a few moment before attempting the Vertical Limit. As the result, the obstacle was finally conquered by Morimoto Yūsuke after three tournaments. However, the obstacle itself was still brutal, eliminated Drew Drechsel and Kawaguchi Tomohiro in SASUKE 35, as well as UNCLI members Matachi Ryo and Urushihara Yuuji in SASUKE 36. However, no one failed here in SASUKE 37, making it the first time since SASUKE 29 where no competitor failed on the obstacle.

Morimoto Yūsuke attempted the Vertical Limit Kai, SASUKE 34

Frontal view of the Vertical Limit, SASUKE 35

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
32 0 1 0%
33 0 0 N/A
34 0 1 0%
35 1 3 33.33%
36 1 4 25%
37 3 3 100%
Total 5 12 41.66%
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