Verdale Benson is a physician's assistant and former U.S. veteran who competed in American Ninja Warrior 10. Prior to competing on ANW, Benson had his newborn son, Sebastian, born.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Benson competed on American Ninja Warrior 10 in Los Angeles. In qualifying, he was one of many to fail the Doorknob Drop. However, his pace guaranteed him a spot in the city finals, placing 27th overall.

In the city finals however, Benson stumbled on the Spinning Bridge and did not make it in the top 15. He placed 30th overall.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Benson returned to compete on American Ninja Warrior 11 in Los Angeles once again. In qualifying he once again failed on a balance obstacle, the Diamond Dash. However, because of the high amount of fails on the earlier obstacles, he managed to placed 26th overall and he once again advanced to the city finals.

During the city finals, he bettered his balance, completing the Diamond Dash. On the back half of the course, he had a close call on the Salmon Ladder, but he was able to get past it. However, he was sapped at The Hinge, but finished it before failing the next obstacle, the Leaps of Faith. However, that performance was good enough to place him 12th, therefore he moved on to the national finals for the first time in his career.

His Vegas run was digested, but it was shown he failed the Double Dipper.


ANW # Result Notes
11 Failed Double Dipper (Stage One) Digest.
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