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Vance Walker is a high school sophomore from Marietta, Georgia who calls himself the "Walker Texas Ninja", because he originated from Texas, living there for some time in his life before, now living in Georgia.

He has also faced challenges with cerebral palsy, which he was diagnosed with at 18 months old.

Before he competed on American Ninja Warrior 13, he was on both American Ninja Warrior Junior 1 and 2 for the 13-14 age group where he impressively won every single race he was in and was the winner for that age group both times.

His individual race record over the two seasons was 14-0.

Vance revealed on Instagram that he was called to compete on American Ninja Warrior 12 due to the producers planning to drop the age requirement that year. Unfortunately, as a result of modifications made due to the pandemic, the younger competitors were cut, so he had to wait another year.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 13


Junior Ninja Champion Vance Walker Is in the Big Leagues - American Ninja Warrior

Vance was to compete as a 16-year-old in the third qualifying round of American Ninja Warrior 13 due to the lowered age limit. He once again impressed as he not only cleared the qualifying course, but he also become both the youngest and shortest competitor at 5'5' to clear the Mega Wall, placing 10th overall, and moving on to the semifinals.

In the semifinals, he impressed everyone with clearing the course with the fastest time of the night with a time of 4:17.90 beating Josiah Pippels respectable 5:26.21. On the power tower hopes were high for Vance, they both were neck and neck to start until the dropping shelves when Vance went to the side and got a 1 shelf lead and hit the buzzer earning him the safety pass.

In the national finals, he put up another impressive run on stage 1, impressing everyone as he still kept his perfect streak alive, clearing stage 1 and having his Safety Pass saved. On stage 2, he failed the Double Salmon Ladder, ending his perfect streak on obstacles. However, because he still had the Safety Pass, he was granted another shot at stage 2. On his second attempt, he was able to correct his mistake on the Double Salmon Ladder, and so made the most of his second chance. On Hammer Drop, he had a close call when he somehow banged his head while going on the swing, and failed to grasp the left handle. He was able to save it with his feet, and climb to safety to the next obstacle. He then cleared stage 2 with 5.28 seconds remaining.


  • He is the first competitor with cerebral palsy to compete on both American Ninja Warrior Junior and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Prior to competing on any ninja competition, he says that he has been training on a 23-foot tall Warped Wall, which made him able to scale the Mega Wall with ease on his first time competing. [2].
  • He is also the seventh rookie in American Ninja Warrior history and the first teenager to complete Stage Two.


American Ninja Warrior Results

ANW # Result Notes
13 Failed Eyeglass Alley (Stage Three)