This is the first VIKING tournament aired in 2005. There was bad weather like SASUKE 8. in this competition so there was no Brain Ship Stage (unlike future competitions) and there were only 80 challengers (unlike future competitions). The First Marine Stage took out 75 challengers and only 5 survived. In the Second Adventure Stage valient efforts were shown, however no one could make it past the Rope Maze let alone the Second Adventure Stage.

1st Marine Stage


Loading Dock


Main Deck


Cannonball Run

Swing Mast

Captain's Cabin

Time Limit: 120.0 sec

Length: 102 m

2nd Adventure Stage



Rope Maze

Crossroads: Flag Survival or Jump Survival

Log Screw

Heavenly Climb

Time Limit: 120 seconds


# Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
32 Yamasaki Yuta (24) Actor Rope Maze ロープメイズ
33 Yamasaki Kenta (26) Former Chunichi Dragons Pitcher Rope Maze ロープメイズ
40 Minamide Kimihiro (27) Actor Rope Maze ロープメイズ
58 TERU (28) Muscle Musical Member Galleon ガリオン
78 Takahashi Hiromitsu (39) Muscle Musical Member Galleon ガリオン Last man standing.

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