• I was born on February 17
  • I am A Male.

Hello, I am UrosBjedov, also known as BlitzPhoenix98 (on Youtube). I am a very huge fan of both Sasuke and Kunoichi, as well the similar show, Unbeatable Banzuke. I found out about this site a around March 22 or 23, so I decided to make an account here. I am in general a nice guy, but I do get impatient sometimes, probably because of the internet. Born on February 17th 1998 (therefore, I am fifteen years old) in Belgrade, Serbia, the first time I found about these shows was in 2006, and the first Sasuke tournament I have ever watched was actually Sasuke 8. At first, I was thinking "This is kinda fun, it's not a bad show" and I started to fall in love with these three (meaning SASUKE/Ninja Warrior, KUNOICHI/Women of Ninja Warrior and Kinniku/Unbeatable Banzuke) TV series. I have watched every episode of SASUKE but SASUKE 29; I don't know where to find/download it. I have watched KUNOICHI episodes but KUNOICHI 6.

You can also find me other Wikipedias, such as the TDI (Total Drama Island) Wiki, Oddworld or Ed, Edd n Eddy. Or, you can find me on ctr4ever, or Cyberscore.

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