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John Vincent Lalic is a Sasukepedia editor from the Philippines. Vincent has been a fan of SASUKE since 2014 through various clips on the internet, and American Ninja Warrior around the same year as well.

Sasukepedia Contributions

I started editing stuff in this wiki since April 2017.

During my early days as an editor, I would go through a Random Page and just edit what needs to be contributed on that page. Eventually I would focus onto the obstacles and competitors related to the various spin-offs of SASUKE, KUNOICHI, and VIKING, as well as American Ninja Warrior.

But ever since everything that happened within 2020 started, I would eventually interacted with fellow members of the Ninja Warrior community and had an eventual editing renaissance in this wiki, having the ability to create various tables and navboxes that makes things easier for the casual viewer of the wiki. In addition, we would also add information that has never been documented before such as:

Up until recently, I would check Recent Changes every once in a while just so I can edit various nuances that needs to be changed in those articles.

Works in Progress

Eventually, I have a lot more stuff to do outside this wiki which can limit my progress of editing, but I would invite people to help contribute to these works of progress that I am working on.

International Ninja Info

Given that there are some shows that are accessible for us outside of their host countries, it is with great priority to add as much information as we can with these shows into the wiki. Let's give emphasis that there are a lot of International Ninja Competitions that are not yet added in the wiki with full detail.


Categories are the basic tool for structuring wikis: They help organize the content, navigate the pages, and find related content. Ideally, every wiki page should be in at least one category. So it is best to improve the categories of the articles, especially towards the newer ones or the ones that are virtually abandoned. This makes it easier for editors to work with, and for visitors to navigate the wiki in a simpler manner like what we can see in Navboxes.

Team Ninja Record

This part is about revamping articles of the various teams that competed within the Team Ninja Warrior franchise. This includes adding their individual records within the show, team relay records, updating the paragraphs, and adding the aforementioned records within the articles of the competitors themselves. Overall, there are 40+ teams in the franchise and 100+ competitors that must have a track of their Team Ninja Record. So it would be a great help to contribute in the cause as well.


In order to make it easier for editors to work with, and for visitors to navigate the wiki in a simpler manner, I would add various navboxes about articles around the wiki. Up until late 2020, we would add various navboxes for obstacles within the various shows, and I would like to expand that more within the international side of things as they have a much wider audience traffic as of late compared to SASUKE.


Due to the Wiki Redesign in March 2020, Sasukepedia had a major change in terms of its structure and design, which makes the old designs of the wiki being changed from its original red color to the blue color that it currently has today. This eventually makes things tedious for editors to change old or untouched articles that has the former table color. It would be great if you can help in this issue as well.

Contact Me

If any of you guys have queries regarding some various aspects of the wiki, you can use the following to contact me.

Personal Message

Hey guys, I am a huge fan of SASUKE and ANW. I am much of a perfectionist in editing pages but I can be a reliable person in this Wiki. :)

Here's the latest competitions in terms of SASUKE, KUNOICHI, and its many international spin-offs (List of shows and events relevant to Sasukepedia).