Usami Mao was one a few females to compete in SASUKE 33.She is a university student.She was doing very well in SASUKE 33 where she was able to pass the rolling hill and TIE Fighter but sadly failed later on the Double Pendulum.She was able to grab the bar and almost made the landing on the pendulum but slipped off.She had the best performance of all the woman that day even Watanabe Kana.A few months later Mao returned for SASUKE 34.She was doing very well again beating the fish bone.But when she faces the double pendulum this time she was able to beat it.She than became just to the second woman to ever beat and the first from japan (And Only).She was than able to beat the tackle becoming just one a few woman to reach the Soritatsu Kabe but sadly ended up timing out.She has not competed on SASUKE since.

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