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Urushihara Yuuji (漆原 裕治) is a shoe salesman who has attempted SASUKE 19 times. In just his fourth attempt, he beat all the obstacles and became the third person and first non-SASUKE All-Stars to achieve Kanzenseiha. He is a member of Shin-Sedai and is also an Unlimited Cliffer. Urushihara was the first champion in SASUKE history to have cleared all four stages twice, having performed the feat for the second time in SASUKE 27. This would eventually be matched by Morimoto Yūsuke in SASUKE 38.


Urushihara had been trying to get on SASUKE since 2003. He competed in the SASUKE 13 Trials, but failed the Jump Hang, eventually placing 62nd. He also competed (again unsuccessfully) in the SASUKE 19 and SASUKE 20 trials. Before SASUKE 21, he competed in the SASUKE ATTACK course at the BUG IN MIKI Festival, a course set up with several SASUKE obstacles with the last one being the Shin-Cliffhanger. Urushihara and fellow Unlimited Cliffer Tomino Keita completed the course, while none of the SASUKE All-Stars did. Urushihara had the faster time of the two, thus was awarded a berth in SASUKE 21.

Early Tournaments

In SASUKE 21, he wore #72. Although his run was fully cut during the TBS broadcast, parts of it were shown on a SASUKE Mania episode. In his run, he showed great speed. On the Flying Chute, he was able to grab onto the rope, but while trying to reach the net, he lost his grip and he fell into the water.

He returned in SASUKE 22 after going through the SASUKE Trials and earning a spot to compete. He wore #77 and completed the First Stage with the fastest time of the day, 7.51 seconds remaining. In the Second Stage, his training at Muscle Park paid off, as he beat the Salmon Ladder with little trouble. While he had some trouble lifting the last wall of the Wall Lifting obstacle, he still completed the Second Stage with 19.27 seconds left. In the Third Stage, his training especially paid off, as he was able to fly through most of the obstacles. When he made it to the Gliding Ring, he attacked the obstacle perfectly and became the first person to clear it, thus becoming the first person to reach the redesigned Final Stage. In the Final Stage, he showed great speed on the Heavenly Ladder, reaching the G-Rope with 28 seconds left. Unfortunately, he struggled there, and came up half a meter short of winning. After this failure, he spent most of his training rope climbing.

Because of his near-Kanzenseiha, he was granted #99 in SASUKE 23. While it was clear he was under a lot of pressure, he was able to clear the First Stage despite stumbling on the Half-Pipe Attack and Soritatsu Kabe. In the Second Stage, he was able to clear the first few obstacles. Unfortunately, he went out on a new obstacle, the Unstable Bridge, when he failed to get a solid landing when dismounting from the obstacle.


Urushihara achieving Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 24

After his failure, he built a replica of the Unstable Bridge (and also his Rope Climbing skill) to train on and returned for SASUKE 24, receiving a high Start Position, #93. He blazed through the First Stage with 24.35 seconds left, the fastest time of the day. It should be noted that he forgot to unhook the Tarzan Rope.

In the Second Stage, he exacted his revenge on the Unstable Bridge but began to run low on time on the redesigned Balance Tank. He powered through the final obstacles and finished with 6.55 seconds to spare.

In the Third Stage, he cleared all the obstacles for a second time. Despite the Gliding Ring sliding back at the end of the track, he recovered and became just the fourth person to clear the Third Stage on multiple occasions.

Five cleared the Third Stage that day, which had not happened since SASUKE 3. Third in the running order, Urushihara saw the first two competitors fall short of the goal. When his attempt came, he blazed through the Heavenly Ladder in record time but began to struggle on the transition to the G-Rope. He finally regained footing at the bottom of the rope with 21 seconds left. Putting his long hours of Rope Climb training to good use, he powered up the rope. With ten seconds left on the clock, he picked up his pace.

He defeated the Final Stage with 3.57 seconds remaining and became the third person to achieve Kanzenseiha, joining SASUKE All-Stars Akiyama Kazuhiko and Nagano Makoto, who both failed the First Stage that day and were there to witness his victory. With him being the third to attempt out of the five finalists in the stage, he is the only person to not be the Last Man Standing while achieving Kanzenseiha.

Kanzen Renewal

After his Kanzenseiha, he was granted the coveted #100 in SASUKE 25. He again cleared the First Stage with little trouble, but it was evident he was pressured by the number. This resulted in him failing the Double Salmon Ladder in an odd and unlikely fashion. The left side of the bar missed the rung, but the right side somehow latched onto one of the rungs, leaving Urushihara hanging onto the pole vertically, essentially rendering completion of the obstacle impossible. His foot grazed the water after a while after and his day was over.

In SASUKE 26, he once again wore #100. Throughout his run, he was sloppy, again due to the pressure of the number. On the Rolling Escargot, he nearly lost his footing and had to stop the obstacle halfway to re-adjust. On the Jumping Spider, he was too short on the walls and dove back to the trampoline, giving himself a rare second chance at the obstacle; he completed it on his second attempt. Now in a time crunch, he was forced to rush through the remainder of the course. On the Half-Pipe Attack, he failed to land properly on the mat, but held onto the rope for another try, a mistake he made multiple times in the past. Desperate to complete the obstacle quickly, he landed awkwardly on the mat, lost his balance and hopped backwards into the water.

Second Kanzenseiha

Urushihara achieving Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 27

In SASUKE 27, he wore #99 despite being the current Grand Champion. Nevertheless, the starting position change may have been what he needed mentally as he would clear the First Stage in a much more fluid run than the previous tournament. He also conquered the Double Salmon Ladder which he previously failed in SASUKE 25, clearing the Second Stage with time to spare. Despite never attempting any of the obstacles of the Third Stage outside of replicas, he continued his perfect streak of clearing the stage (although there was a small scare when he transitioned to the wooden ladder after clearing the Chain See-Saw), making it three for three. On the Final Stage, Urushihara once again put his Rope Climb training to use as he acheived Kanzenseiha with 6.71 seconds remaining, becoming not just the fastest to complete the Final Stage, but also the first person to acheive Kanzenseiha twice.

SASUKE RISING and Afterwards

In SASUKE 28, he wore #88, due to All-Stars' Retirement Special that day that prevented him from another #100. He was one of only five to clear the First Stage, his speed and strength evident as he blazed through the course with 21.37 seconds remaining. In the Second stage, he cleared the first four obstacles with ease, but after the Backstream, he seemed to be very tired. He crossed the Passing Wall with a slower pace but still cleared with 13.56 seconds left. In the Third Stage he cleared the Rumbling Dice easily, but struggled massively on the Iron Paddler. Urushihara, despite taking more than a minute on the obstacle, still cleared it, showing a profound amount of strength and determination. He then spent more than 30 seconds resting for the Crazy Cliffhanger, showing how difficult the Iron Paddler can be, even for the toughest competitors. On the Crazy Cliffhanger he struggled while gaining momentum on the third ledge and fell on the transition to the opposite side, having his first ever Third Stage failure.

Ιn SASUKE 29, his First Stage run was digested, but it was shown that he cleared with 10.33 seconds left. In the Second Stage his pace was faster than that of any other competitor, completing the Spider Walk with 45 seconds still remaining. He nearly made it near the end of the Backstream that he had trained specifically for, however was pushed back by the water jets causing him to rise to the surface for air. He was too fatigued to attempt it again and timed out there, even requiring the aid of a Lifeguard to help him out.

In SASUKE 30, he was digested again, but was shown to have cleared the First Stage. In the Second Stage he got his revenge on the Backstream, but still wasted nearly 20 seconds trying to cross it, leaving him too exhausted and with too little time for the Wall Lifting. He attempted to force himself under the first wall, but got stuck and timed out after getting under.

In SASUKE 31, he managed to blaze through the first four obstacles, but he struggled on the Tackle, spending 20 seconds trying to push it before timing out on the Soritatsu Kabe due to exhaustion, like many that day. After he timed out on the obstacle, he tried to go over the Soritatsu Kabe multiple times, with no hope of completing it due to exhaustion. He would attempt it over and over again until he was stopped by production staff due to the fact that he could get hurt.

In SASUKE 32, he made it through the first four obstacles with ease, but shocked everybody when he failed at the brand new obstacle, Double Pendulum, where he tried to transit to the red sandbag a few times but failed the transition. It was his first time failing the First Stage twice in a row.

In SASUKE 33, he started off quickly though the Quad Steps but slipped on the first cylinder of the Rolling Hill and fell there, marking his third consecutive First Stage failure.

In SASUKE 34, he declared that he would retire if he failed the First Stage for the fourth straight time, fortunately he cleared the First Stage easily. He became emotional as he cleared the stage for the first time since SASUKE 30. In the Second Stage, he cleared the first few obstacles with ease, however he lost time at the Backstream when he chose to go around the water jets and as a result he was running low on time and energy as he struggled on the Reverse Conveyor, timing out just as he finished the obstacle.

In SASUKE 35, he cleared the first six obstacles with ease, including the new Dragon Glider, but eventually timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe due to the reduced time limit and exhaustion even after putting adhesive spray on his shoes. After his run, he tried to scale the wall one more time and cleared. If the time limit remained the same or extended, he would have cleared that day.

In SASUKE 36, now 40 years old, despite wasting time on the Tackle, he still cleared the First Stage and becoming one of the few to clear the First Stage in their 40's. In the Second Stage, the jets on the Backstream almost pushed him, but powered through. He took a little time to rest before the Reverse Conveyor, before he got revenge and cleared it but running low on time (which means for the first time since SASUKE 28, he cleared the Second Stage). In the Third Stage, he almost fell in the Sidewinder but managed to get through. He also cleared the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, being the oldest to clear it, and also the oldest to attempt the next obstacle, the Vertical Limit, where he was able to make the successful transition to the third ledge and even had a grip but he didn't leave enough space for both of his hands to move and fell into te water below.

He competed once more in SASUKE 37 wearing #96. He cleared the First Stage once more with 5.80 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he powered through and despite going at a brisk pace, cleared with 13.83 seconds left. In the Third Stage, he completed the first three obstacles with ease. On Cliffhanger Dimension, he completed it to break his own record of oldest to clear a Cliffhanger version. On the Vertical Limit, he was able to make the transition to the third ledge and successfully beat it despite getting sapped of energy. On the Pipe Slider, as his fourth Final Stage attempt and third Kanzenseiha waited for him, he made a simple yet deadly mistake, as when mounted from the resting bars, the left side of the bar was pushed off the track, making the bar falling in a vertical position, dragging Urushihara down with it, in a similar way to his fall in the Double Salmon Ladder in SASUKE 25. Had he cleared, he would have been the oldest competitor to have ever reached the Final Stage at age 41, beating Okuyama Yoshiyuki's record of attempting the final at 39 in SASUKE 24.

He returned in SASUKE 38, wearing #99. Even though he almost gave a shock by grabbing the Silk Slider very low, he cleared the First Stage with 12.56 seconds remaining. His pace in the Second Stage is rather slow. Although the Rolling Log did not seem to hinder his pacing as it did many others that day, he took too much time on the Backstream and timed out before reaching the button, about 0.5 seconds late. Moments after lying down on the floor, he got up and said he's not tired at all. Had he cleared in time, he would've been the oldest competitor to attempt the Third Stage at age 42.

He wore #99 once again in SASUKE 39, but due to the rain, he struggled on the Tackle, taking around 20 seconds to complete it and resultantly he shockingly failed the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe.


SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
21 72 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) All-Cut. Shown on a SASUKE Mania episode.
22 77 Failed G-Rope (Final Stage) Time Out. 22.1 metres up. Last Man Standing.
23 99 Failed Unstable Bridge (Second Stage)
24 93 Kanzenseiha 03.57 seconds left.
25 100 Failed Double Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) His foot skimmed the water.
26 100 Failed Half Pipe Attack (First Stage)
27 99 Kanzenseiha 6.71 seconds left. Last Man Standing. First to achieve Kanzenseiha twice.
28 88 Failed Crazy Cliffhanger (Third Stage) First fail on Third Stage.
29 99 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Time Out. Had to be aided by Lifeguard while exiting the pool.
30 2993 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Time Out.
31 99 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out.
32 89 Failed Double Pendulum (First Stage) First fail that wasn't Time Out since SASUKE 28.
33 89 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage)
34 99 Failed Reverse Conveyor (Second Stage) Time Out.
35 95 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out.
36 95 Failed Vertical Limit (Third Stage)
37 96 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Derailed the bar.
38 99 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Time Out. Third Wall.
39 99 Failed Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out. Second Wall.

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