Ugajin Shogo (宇賀神 翔悟) is a construction worker who has competed on SASUKE thrice. His first attempt was in SASUKE 32, wearing #35, he failed the transition to the Rolling Hill from the Quad Steps and his run was All Cut. He next competed in SASUKE 34 wearing #38, while his run was digested, he managed to clear the First Stage, finishing with 8.76 seconds remaining. In the second stage, his run was digested again, showing him reaching the Backstream before failing due to exhaustion. He returned in SASUKE 35, going out on the Dragon Glider, like many others that day.


SASUKE # Result Notes
32 35 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage) All Cut. Failed transition from Quad Steps.
34 38 Failed Backstream (Second Stage)
35 88 Failed Dragon Glider (First Stage) Shown In Sasuke Navi 35
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