Ueda Takuyu (上田 拓右) is a recreational free climber who worked as an internet service provider at the time of his two SASUKE appearances. He cleared the First Stage both times. In his first appearance in SASUKE 2, he timed out on the Second Stage's final obstacle, the Wall Lifting. He fared better two tournaments later, when he reached the Third Stage. He struggled on the Third Stage, taking a long time to clear the Propeller Untei and Arm Bike, sapping his energy. As a result he barely managed to hoist himself up on the Cliffhanger before falling into the water. He is currently the CEO of i-Broadcast, Inc.

Ueda is one of many to compete in SASUKE at least twice without ever failing the first stage.


SASUKE # Result Notes
2 2 Failed Wall Lifting Run (Second Stage) Time Out
4 71 Failed Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Digest
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