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Travis Furlanic (トラビス・フュアラニック) qualified for SASUKE 23 as the #3 U.S. qualifier through American Ninja Warrior, the United States's qualifying competition. Prior to his run in the qualifiers, he had been doing relentless parkour and obstacle training for over a year, inspire by his uncle David Campbell's run.

American Ninja Warrior 1 / SASUKE 23

In qualifiers, he did not disappoint, finishing the entire course in 43.5 seconds, despite some brief struggles on the Spider Wall. In the semi-finals, despite coming inches away from failing the Pipe Slider, he managed to pull through and clear the entire course in 1:32.78 minutes, placing 5th overall and moving on to the finals. In the finals, he managed to finally best his uncle by clearing the first stage in 3rd place. In the second stage, he was disqualified on the third obstacle for touching a tire with his hand, but upon examination, it was quickly determine he did not touch the tire, and was allowed to continue. Despite the setback, he placed 9th in the second stage and placed 3rd overall, moving on to Japan.

In Japan, his struggles in qualifying repeated themselves, as he shockingly failed the Jumping Spider after failing to get the left side of his body wedged into the walls. In an interview, he said it was because the trampoline was tighter than he expected.

American Ninja Warrior 2 / SASUKE 26

Travis then earned a spot in SASUKE 26 through American Ninja Warrior 2. He preformed exceptionally in the American qualifiers, beating out top competitors like Brian Orosco and Levi Meeuwenberg to get the 3rd fastest time of the day. In the semi-finals, he almost went out on just the third obstacle (the Cross Bridge), and struggled on the Salmon Ladder, but saved his run with an early transition to the Circle Slider, even managing to clear the entire course with the fastest time of the day, placing 1st overall by beating out Levi Meeuwenberg by 0.55 seconds. He then went on to secure a spot in Boot Camp, moving on to Japan for the second year in a row.

There, he performed extremely well. In Stage One, he was flirting with disaster, as his right foot slipped out of the toe clip on the Rolling Escargot, causing him to make an early dismount and successfully clear the obstacle. However, he was solid from then on, exacting revenge on the Jumping Spider and clearing the stage with 14 seconds to spare. In Stage Two, he started fast despite an awkward dismount on the Slider Drop, but on the Balance Tank, he attempted to use the Boot Camp technique of pushing the log before starting the obstacle. This backfired, causing his right foot to slip and for him to tumble back into the water.

American Ninja Warrior 3 / SASUKE 27

In American Ninja Warrior 3, he blazed through the Qualifying Round in 48 seconds and ultimately qualified for SASUKE 27. There, he blazed through the redesigned First Stage and cleared with 43.90 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he was able to clear the Balance Tank which took him out in the previous competition, only to fall on the next obstacle, the Metal Spin.

American Ninja Warrior 4

In American Ninja Warrior 4, he cleared the regional finals in 2nd place. However, he did not compete in the Las Vegas Finals. It has been rumored that the reason he wasn't in the tournament is because he got convicted of a DUI and could not run the course. He has not competed since because of a leg injury following a car accident.

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Sasuke Results

Competition No. No. Result Notes
SASUKE 23 44 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) All Cut. Run showed on G4
SASUKE 26 77 Failed Balance Tank (Second Stage) Both runs digested.
SASUKE 27 71 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage) Both runs digested.