Travis Allen Schroeder served as a salvage diver in the United States Navy at the time of his two SASUKE attempts.

He made his debut in the 4th competition. There, he managed to score the top time of the day in the First Stage, and impressed many by powering his way all the way to the Third Stage. There, he reached the Pipe Slider, but he pushed the pipe too violently, which resulted in the pipe separating from the track, resulting in disqualification. He and Ebihara Masakazu are the only competitors to do this.

It is commonly believed that if he hadn't been disqualified on the Pipe Slider and had cleared the stage, he could've been the first American to achieve Kanzenseiha, as Navy training involves heavy amounts of rope climbing.

In the 5th competition, he had problems in the First Stage, specifically the new Jump Hang, getting tangled on the net and using up a lot of time. He also took 2 attempts on the Soritatsu Kabe because no one in that tournament was able to beat it on the first try. Ultimately, he stunned many when he ran out of time on the Rope Climb later in the stage.

While Schroeder retired after SASUKE 5, his partner, Kevin Lee, was a contestant in SASUKE 6.

Travis is, to date, one of only three Americans, to complete any version of the Cliffhanger, the others being Kane Kosugi in SASUKE 8 and Drew Drechsel in SASUKE 32.

The spelling of Schroeder is not certain. Pronounced SHRAY-der, Ninja Warrior spells his last name "Schraeder," but "Schroeder" is the more common spelling and G4 is not a reliable source on SASUKE competitors' names.


SASUKE # Result Notes
4 94 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Disqualified, pulled the pipe off the track.
5 91 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out.
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