ANW5 Trapeze Swing

American Ninja Warrior 5's Trapeze Swing in Venice Beach

The Trapeze Swing is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle during Venice Beach finals on American Ninja Warrior 5, replacing the Flying Nunchucks during Venice Beach qualifiers.

Competitors must jump from a trampoline and grab the first trapeze bar. Then, competitors must build enough swing and momentum to make the transition to the second trapeze bar, and finally to the landing platform to advance.

Unlike the Flying Nunchucks, the Trapeze Swing was proven to be an extremely easy obstacle, as no competitor failed on this obstacle.

Other Appearances

NWUK5 Double Trapeze

Ninja Warrior UK 5's Double Trapeze

On Ninja Warrior UK 5, the Trapeze Swing (called as the Double Trapeze) appeared as the second obstacle in Heat 3. This time, the obstacle eliminated several competitors.

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