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Torisawa Katsuhide (鳥澤 克秀) is a former weightlifter who has competed in every single Shin-SASUKE tournament (except SASUKE 22), starting with SASUKE 18.

He always displays his strength before his run:

  • He has brought a barbell and lifted it over his head multiple times,
  • Ripped off his shirt,
  • Crushed an apple and full cans of beer using one hand, and
  • Also snapped a baseball bat in half.
  • In SASUKE 27, Torisawa went as far as to open a beer bottle with his teeth, in the process causing a cut on his mouth which bled as he began his run.

He usually fails early in comical fashion:

From his SASUKE 21 profile, he is shown to have competed in the Monster box event on Pro Sportsman No. 1, where he faceplanted into the box.

Torisawa was competitor number 3 for the next three tournaments he competed in. In SASUKE 31 he failed the Rolling Hill, a result which he repeated in SASUKE 32. His SASUKE 33 run saw him fall on the first obstacle, the Quad Steps.

He wore the #3 again on SASUKE 34. His run was all cut, but it was revealed he failed the Fish Bone, a new record for him, getting all the way to the fourth obstacle.

He competed in SASUKE 35, wearing #3 for the sixth tournament in a row, but history repeated itself when he went out on the Quad Steps again. This was due to an accident while performing his pre-run display of strength, which was lifting a barbell several times. However, in a rush to make sure he didn't lose time, he dropped the barbell on his knee, injuring it and causing him to lose his footing on the final step.

He competed in SASUKE 36, wearing #3 for the seventh tournament in a row, which beats Nagano Makoto's record of wearing the same number 6 consecutive times (him being #100). Torisawa went out on the Rolling Hill.

He competed in SASUKE 37, wearing #3 for the eighth consecutive time. He finally beat the Rolling Hill, but went out on the Wing Slider.

He competed in SASUKE 38, wearing #2, first time not wearing #3 since SASUKE 29. He fell on the Rolling Hill once again.


SASUKE # Result Notes
18 15 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) Lost Grip
19 16 Failed Rokudantobi (First Stage)
20 1905 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) Digest.
21 20 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
23 5 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
24 7 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
25 74 Failed Dome Steps (First Stage)
26 7 Failed Step Slider (First Stage) Missed the rope completely and dived into the water.
27 13 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage) Face planted onto the mat and fell into the water.
28 9 Failed Spin Bridge (First Stage) Fell between the 2nd and 3rd spheres in comical fashion.
29 6 Failed Long Jump (First Stage) Face planted into the sandpit and fell into the water.
30 2903 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage)
31 3 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage) Shown in SASUKE 31 Navi.
32 3 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage)
33 3 Failed Quad Steps (First Stage)
34 3 Failed Fish Bone (First Stage) All Cut.
35 3 Failed Quad Steps (First Stage)
36 3 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage)
37 3 Failed Wing Slider (First Stage)
38 2 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage)