Tobi Sou (飛石走) was a First Stage (KUNOICHI) obstacle in KUNOICHI 7 . It replaced Fuyuu Sou from KUNOICHI 6. The objective for this obstacle was to step across five pads, each in the shape of a lilypad, to reach the landing mats on the other side. This obstacle had a similiar concept with SASUKE's Rokudantobi and American Ninja Warrior's Quintuple Steps. During it's inception it was considered to be a perfect first obstacle, being much easier than Buyoishi but more difficult than the Fuyuu Sou. Due to it's low difficulty, it did good damage during it's first tournament, taking out about ten people. Despite it's amicable placement as the first obstacle, it only lasted one tournament due to the KUNOICHI 8 course re-design.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
7 88 100 88%
Total 88 100 88%
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