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Tobi Sou (飛石走) was a 1st STAGE obstacle in KUNOICHI 2007 . It replaced the Fuyuu Sou from KUNOICHI 2006 Summer. The objective for this obstacle was to step across five pads, each in the shape of a lilypad, to reach the landing mats on the other side. This obstacle had a similiar concept with SASUKE's Rokudantobi and American Ninja Warrior's Quintuple Steps. During it's inception it was considered to be a perfect first obstacle, being much easier than Buyoishi but more difficult than the Fuyuu Sou. It did good damage during it's first tournament, taking out about 15+ people. Despite it's amicable placement as the first obstacle, it only lasted one tournament due to the KUNOICHI 2009 course re-design.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
7 85 100 85%
Total 88 100 88%