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American Ninja Warrior 10's Jeep Run in Stage One

Tire Run (formerly known as Jeep Run) is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 10, replacing the Parkour Run from the previous season, which didn't eliminate any competitor.

Competitors must run across 4 angled vertically-placed tires, which were in a curved pattern. Then, they must jump and grab a circular handhold, resembling a steering wheel, and ride it around the curve. From there, they must make the transition to another handhold to reach the final tire, which would spin in the direction of the landing platform, and finally made the dismount from the final tire to the landing platform.

Overall, only 3 competitors (Ryan Stratis, Barclay Stockett, and Davyon Hancox) failed on the obstacle. However, it was a still a threat to contend with and much harder than its predecessor Parkour Run, as many competitors stumbled on either the run-up to the first handhold or on the spinning tire, or struggled to build momentum between jumps.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Tire Run in Stage One

On American Ninja Warrior 11, Tire Run returned as the fifth obstacle in Stage One. This time, the big tire was placed in the middle, meaning competitors had to swing from the first steering wheel and then balance themselves on it before transitioning to the next steering wheel.

The obstacle became more dangerous, as it eliminated eight competitors, including Allyssa Beird, Jody Avila, Ronald Washington, Conor GalvinDavid Wright, and most shockingly, both Najee Richardson and Drew Drechsel (who later completed the obstacle, thanks to the Safety Pass that he earned during Atlanta finals).

American Ninja Warrior 13

American Ninja Warrior 13's Tire Run on Stage One

Tire Run returned in the same position for American Ninja Warrior 13, with an aesthetic modification. This time 5 competitors got eliminated, including Lance Pekus (who failed Burn Rubber the preceding season), Deren Perez, True Becker, Jonah Munoz, and Zhanique Lovett (who stumbled on the run-up, and also failed Burn Rubber the previous season).

Burn Rubber

American Ninja Warrior 12's Burn Rubber

A variation of Tire Run (called the Burn Rubber) appeared as the fourth obstacle during the first and second episodes of the semifinals on American Ninja Warrior 12.

This version featured three tires, each was placed to the right than the previous tire and there were gaps, six feet apart, between the tires. The tires would spin when the competitors stepped on them.

In the first semifinal episode, this obstacle took out four competitors: Zhanique Lovett, Glenn Albright, Nate Hansen, and Ashley McConville, and another four competitors in the second semifinal episode: Lorin Ball, Lance Pekus, Meagan Martin, Mady Howard.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 13

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the Burn Rubber appeared as the third obstacle during the second episode of qualifiers. This time, the obstacle was paired with the Broken Bridge as part of the Split Decision. Only two competitors (Chris Crary and Jimmy Mikrut) failed on the obstacle. Additionally, Zhanique Lovett, who failed on this obstacle last season, decided to choose it and successfully completed it.

American Ninja Warrior 14

On American Ninja Warrior 14, the Burn Rubber appeared as the third obstacle during the third episode of qualifiers. This time, the obstacle was paired with the Log Runner as part of the Split Decision.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior Germany

Ninja Warrior Germany 6's Burn Rubber

On Ninja Warrior Germany 6, the Burn Rubber appeared as the first obstacle in Stage Two. This would have a similar configuration to its appearance on American Ninja Warrior. This obstacle only eliminated two competitors who attempted the stage.

Ninja Warrior France

Ninja Warrior France 6's Burn Rubber

Les Roues Motrices, Ninja Warrior France's official name for the Burn Rubber, would appear in Ninja Warrior France 6 as the first obstacle of the qualification round. This would have a similar configuration to its appearance on American Ninja Warrior.

Ninja Warrior Israel

גשר הצמיגים, Ninja Warrior Israel's official name for the Burn Rubber, would appear in Ninja Warrior Israel 4 as the third obstacle of the Heat 1, Heat 5 and Heat 9.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found

Jeep Run/Tire Run

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 40 43 93.02%
ANW11 48 56 85.71%
ANW13 40 45 88.89%
USA vs. The World 5 5 5 100%
USA vs. The World 6 5 5 100%
Total 138 154 89.61%

Burn Rubber

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW12 (SF EP 1) 22 26 84.62%
ANW12 (SF EP 2) 22 26 84.62%
Women's Championship 14 14 100%
Total 58 66 87.88%


  • The obstacle was also the third obstacle in American Ninja Warrior history to use a copyrighted name with the other two obstacles (both were used to promote the upcoming movies) being the Ninjago Roll (which was used to promote The Lego Ninjago Movie) and Fallout (which was used to promote Mission: Impossible – Fallout). However, this obstacle is the first of the three to promote a product/brand, which in this case, promoted the Jeep Cherokee.
    • Furthermore, during USA the World 5, the obstacle was renamed Tire Run, due to the fact that it was no longer served to promote Jeep Cherokee.
  • The second half of the obstacle (the presence of two handholds) resembled the Prism Strike from Ultimate Beastmaster, as both obstacles involved the competitors to ride horizontal-placed wheels across the curved tracks.
    • This was likely due to the fact that the obstacle courses for both competitions were built by the same company, the ATS Team.
  • Lance Pekus and Zhanquie Lovett are the only two ninjas to fail both Tire Run and Burn Rubber.

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