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Third Fantasy Stage


The Third Fantasy Stage (stylized 3rd FANTASY STAGE) is the fourth out of five stages in VIKING. It only appeared in VIKING 2, with only one competitor, Nagano Makoto to have ever reached this stage. It was advertised during the opening broadcast of VIKING 1, but was ultimately to be skipped over, with competitors who defeated the Second Adventure Stage moving onto Final Viking.

Unlike the First Marine Stage and Second Adventure Stage, the Third Fantasy Stage had a different format, consisting of only three obstacles, of which only two needed to be completed. In its only appearance, the choice was between the mental/balance-focused Steady Voyager and the strength-based Ultimate Plank, both of which were very long, with the mandatory obstacle being the purely mental-focused Bio Clock. The obstacles were attempted in separate one-on-one challenges instead of being taken on sequentially, hence the difference from the prior stages except for the Brain Ship Stage. Ultimately, the strategy for the Third Fantasy Stage was of endurance, essentially an exaggerated version of the strength-focused Third Stage featured on SASUKE, but with as much focus on the mental aspect as well as strength.

These obstacles (except Bio Clock, which was essentially replaced with the Hawkeye) were mixed with the Heartbreaker to make the Final VIKING course in VIKING 3.

Obstacle Names

VIKING Third Fantasy Stage Obstacles
1 Steady Voyager Bio Clock
Ultimate Plank
2 Steady Voyager Bio Clock
Ultimate Plank
4 Castaway Swing Mast Cross Rope Cannonball Dashutsu Pole


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