The Fantastic Four was a name given to a group of four women consisting of Michelle Warnky, Rachael Goldstein, Jesse LaBreck, and Allyssa Beird because they made history as the four women that advanced to a city finals round in American Ninja Warrior 8.

American Ninja Warrior 8

The Four women as mentioned above, all competed in Philadelphia in American Ninja Warrior 8. In Qualifying, they each failed Rolling Thunder during their runs, because they each got to the obstacle in a fast enough time, Warnky placed 17th overall, LaBreck placed 28th, Goldstein placed 29th and Beird placed 30th. In the city finals, Goldstein failed the Wall Drop during her run, Beird and Warnky failed Rolling Thunder during their runs, and LaBreck advanced to the national finals because she made it all the way to the Stair Hopper and placed 10th in the top 15. The other three women did receive wildcards into Vegas. Allyssa and Michelle’s runs on Stage 1 were digested and Rachael’s run was cut from the broadcast but it was revealed that they each failed the Propeller Bar during their runs. On the other hand, Jesse LaBreck cleared the Propeller Bar and made it all the way to the Jumping Spider before falling. Of the Fantastic Four, Jesse performed the best that year.

Team Ninja Warrior 2

The Fantastic Four got to compete in Team Ninja Warrior 2. Michelle was part of Team Lab Rats (like last year) along with Chris Wilczewski and Brian Wilczewski. Rachael was part of Team Superhero Squad, Allyssa was part of Storm Team, and Jesse got to captain her own team, which she called the LaBreckfast Club.

American Ninja Warrior 9

The Fantastic Four returned to compete in Cleveland in American Ninja Warrior 9, in Qualifying while Rachel and Michelle failed the Ring Jump, Jesse and Allyssa both finished the qualifying course placing 12th and 14th respectively. Michelle, Allyssa, and Jesse did get into the women’s top 5 and advanced to the city finals. In the city finals, The three women each failed the 8th obstacle, The Nail Clipper during their runs, because they had the fastest times to that point both Allyssa and Jesse moved on to the national finals. On Stage 1, Jesse got hung up on Parkour Run and ultimately failed the Flying Squirrel during her run. On the other hand, Allyssa finished Stage 1 with 8.48 seconds left on the clock becoming just the second woman in ANW history to do so. On Stage 2, Allyssa’s season ended on the Criss-Cross Salmon Ladder. Therefore, Allyssa performed the best of the four, that season.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja

Three of the four members returned to compete on American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja. Michelle represented Team Lab Rats again, Rachael Goldstein represented The Superhero Squad again. And Jesse LaBreck got to captain her LaBreckfast Club team again, and ultimately, LaBreckfast Club won it all that season.

American Ninja Warrior 10

The Fantastic Four returned to compete in American Ninja Warrior 10, but they competed in different cities for the first time. Rachael competed in Miami, Jesse competed in Indianapolis, and Michelle and Allyssa competed in Philadelphia. Rachel fell on the Slippery Summit but placed 24th in the top 30 in Miami Qualifying. Jesse finished the Qualifying course in Indianapolis, placing 10th. And Michelle and Allyssa completed the Qualifying course in Philadelphia placing 10th and 11th respectively. Rachael fell on the Crazy Clocks during the Miami city finals, but placed 14th in the top 15 and moved on to the national finals for the second time in her career. Jesse LaBreck fell on Cane Lane but placed 12th in the top 15 and advanced to the national finals for the third time in her career. And in the Philadelphia City finals, both Allyssa Beird and Michelle Warnky fell on the Captain's Wheel but placed 11th and 12th respectively on the leaderboard and all four members moved on to the national finals in Las Vegas. But in the national finals, the Fantastic Four suffered a huge collapse. Michelle and Allyssa both fell on Archer Alley during their runs, Rachel failed the Double Dipper, and Jesse fell on Twist and Fly. Overall, Jesse ended up performing the best out of the four that season.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Allyssa, Michelle, and Jesse returned to compete in American Ninja Warrior 11. Allyssa competed in Baltimore while Jesse and Michelle competed in Cincinnati. (Rachel didn't compete in Baltimore because she was pregnant with a baby girl at the time). In Qualifying, Allyssa failed Crank It Up, but placed 25th overall and advanced to the city finals. As for Michelle, she cut her face on the Ring Swing but still was able to complete the Cincinnati Qualifiers in 10th place; Jesse finished the qualifying course in 6th place. In the city finals, Allyssa failed the Angry Birds in Baltimore but still qualified for Vegas in the women's top 2. In Cincinnati, Jesse and Michelle both made history as they both finished the city finals course in 6th and 7th places respectively. In the national finals, Michelle failed Spin Your Wheels; Allyssa failed Tire Run, and Jesse failed Twist and Fly for the second straight year. so once again, Jesse performed the best that season.

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