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Tanaka Maho is a professional snowboarder and KUNOICHI All-Star. She has had great success in previous competitions.

She debuted in KUNOICHI 4, where she was digested. Her number was unknown, although the amount of light left at the time suggested that she ran between Asami Sayaka and Oana Ban. She ended up failing the Haso Tobi.

In KUNOICHI 6, she received #83 and managed to clear the First and Second Stages with little trouble. In the Third Stage, she completed the Tourenban and Tenbinbashi quickly and reached the Final Stage. But during her attempt on the tower, she was slow up the Dai Zeppeki and ended up timing out after bumping her head on the Tenkubou just as she was about to transition to it.

In KUNOICHI 7, she was given #91. She was one of only four women to clear the First Stage and the only woman to clear the Second Stage. However, she took a more conservative approach to the Tourenban than in the previous tournament and perhaps this, combined with being the last competitor standing proved to be too much pressure to handle, as she fell in the Yellow Zone.

She was considered the top competitor in the redesigned KUNOICHI 8 and was given #100 (the last KUNOICHI competitor to receive the number before the next rendition of KUNOICHI would only have 50 competitors per tournament), running in the final group of the tournament. She once again took a slower approach to the course. Unfortunately like last time, this proved to be her undoing. By the time she got to the Buranchō, she was in 4th place and despite Harada Kyoko's failure on the obstacle, she shockingly was unable to catch up with Kato Yuka and Chiba Eiko and resultantly was eliminated when the latter two competitors completed the stage before her, she haven't complete since in the 2017 rendition.

She also competed in SASUKE 21 wearing #39, she failed the Log Grip in an all cut performance.

According to her official blog, she gave birth to a son on February 16, 2013. 



KUNOICHI # Result Notes
4 94 Failed Haso Tobi (First Stage) Digest.
6 81 Failed Dai Zeppeki (Final Stage) Time Out.
7 91 Failed Tourenban (Third Stage) Yellow Zone. Last Woman Standing.
8 100 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Was beat by 2 other women.

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