Tanabe Chie (田邊 智恵) is one of the only two women ever to clear the First Stage in SASUKE, doing so way back in SASUKE 2 (19 years later, Jessie Graff cleared the First Stage in SASUKE 34). She failed the Spider Walk in the Second Stage because she was too short to prop herself between the walls so she tried to traverse across the obstacle on the left wall, this did not work and she jumped off the course. She also competed the next tournament, but failed the new Rolling Maruta. She hasn't competed since.

Tanabe, a former stuntwoman, has since married and had children. She did stunts in many Super Sentai episodes.

She has also competed in KUNOICHI, SASUKE's all-female spin-off. There she competes under her married name, Nishimura Chie (西村 智恵). During her Kunoichi run, Chie has thought about quiting due to her plans of having a baby after KUNOICHI 4, however she has kept going and was one of the 4 women to clear Stage One in KUNOICHI 7.



KUNOICHI # Result Notes
3 71 Nirenbou (Third Stage) Her best result ever on Kunoichi.
4 92 Haso Tobi (First Stage)
5 98 Samenso (First Stage)
6 31 Enchu Nori (First Stage) Digest.
7 92 Mariminachi (Second Stage) Time Out. Cleared the obstacle but did not hit the button in time.
8 44 Burancho (Stage 1)

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
2 41 Failed Spider Walk (Second Stage)
3 93 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)

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