Tamaki Yoshiyuki (玉城 義之) first competed in SASUKE 11 where he was the first to compete that day. At the time, Tamaki was 22, a lifesaver, and still went to college at Nippon Sport Science University. In the tournament, he showed great speed, completing many of the obstacles quickly. While on the Jump Hang, Tamaki caught the net low and decided to go underneath to safety. However, his hand touched the water and he was disqualified.

He also competed in the SASUKE 13 Trials. Competing on an almost identical course to SASUKE 11, Tamaki made it all the way to the Rope Climb before timing out. His performance was good enough to be in the top 30, and he qualified for a spot in SASUKE 13. However, he was all cut from any broadcast.

After a six year hiatus, Tamaki returned for the kanzen renewal of SASUKE 25. There representing Okinawa prefecture, Tamaki made it half way through the Rolling Maruta before his grip gave way.


SASUKE # Result Notes
11 1 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Hand touched the water
13 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage) All Cut
25 64 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage) Digest
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