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Segawa Takeru (世川 武尊), better known simply as Takeru (武尊) is a Pro Kickboxer and K1 Fighter.

He first competed in SASUKE 30. He got a very high number #88, but he failed the Hedgehog.

He competed in SASUKE 31 wearing a shirt in the sidelines saying My ****in Dream, where he made it past the 3rd obstacle this time, only to time out at the Warped Wall.

He also competed in SASUKE 32 where he wearing #81. He failed Tarzan Rope when his foot touched the water.

Takeru finally made his breakthrough in SASUKE 33, as he made it through to the Second Stage for the first time with a clear time of 12.53 seconds. He was unable to continue his success for much longer, however, as his run came to an end on the second obstacle in the Second Stage, the Salmon Ladder Nobori.

He made it to the Second Stage again in SASUKE 34, he went farther than last tournament, when he made it to the Backstream, however he timed out there.

He received his highest number yet, #90 in SASUKE 35, but had a surprising fail on the modified Fish Bone.

He has not competed since, though he has expressed interest in returning to the show.


SASUKE # Result Notes
30 2988 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage)
31 83 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out. Shown in SASUKE 31 Navi.
32 81 Failed Tarzan Rope (First Stage) Touched The Water
33 81 Failed Salmon Ladder Nobori (Second Stage)
34 81 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Digest. Time Out.
35 90 Failed Fish Bone (First Stage)