Takeda Toshihiro (竹田 敏浩), a sport trainer and former firefighter from Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is a SASUKE All-Star best known for his incredibly consistent performances and his trademark orange pants. In November 2013, Takeda resign his job as a firefighter and began working as a sports trainer in 2014 after obtaining his license.

He has advanced to the Third Stage a total of 13 times, a SASUKE record, including 7 consecutive times from SASUKE 11 to SASUKE 17. His height and weight are recorded at 171 cm and 63 kg respectively.

Despite his impressive Third Stage advance rate, he has never managed to advance to the Final Stage, the only one of six All-Stars to have this dubious distinction, and he is the only All-Stars never to have worn #99 or #100. Despite never making it past the Pipe Slider, it has been speculated that he would have been a strong competitor in the Final Stage due to the amount of climbing his job requires.

Though he has never reached the Final Stage, he is arguably the most consistent All-Star, having the smallest chain of consecutive First Stage defeats (2), the most First Stage clears (19) and tying with Makoto Nagano for the most consecutive First Stage clears (8). He is also the only All-Star to make consecutive Shin-SASUKE Third Stage appearances, doing so in SASUKE 23 and SASUKE 24.


Takeda made his debut in SASUKE 5, just after Akiyama Kazuhiko's kanzenseiha in the previous competition. Wearing number 74, he surprised many when he became the first man to complete the redesigned First Stage, doing so with just one second left. In the Second Stage, however, his run was short lived as he failed the Spider Walk shortly after starting the obstacle.

He returned in SASUKE 6, wearing #93. He confirmed the expectations by clearing First Stage with over 10 seconds left. Then he reedemed himself on the Spider Walk and though he started the Wall Lifting with less than 10 seconds left, he smashed through the obstacle and cleared the stage in time. In his Third Stage debut, he would, like the Kosugi brothers, struggle on the Body Prop, and after many signs of struggling, he fell into the water near the end of the obstacle.

In SASUKE 7, many expected him to complete again the First Stage, but he ran into problems in the Soritatsu Kabe, taking three attempts to clear it, even coming off the course after the 2nd attempt (being however not disqualified), and he ran out of time near the end of the course.

In SASUKE 8, though the entire course was plagued with rain, he managed to return to the Third Stage with ease. There, he beat the Body Prop after his previous fail and even clear the Cliffhanger in his first attempt, but on the Pipe Slider he failed to keep the bar stable in order to do the final jump to the finishing platform, and ultimately his grip gave way. This performance was enough to introduce him as a new All-Star.

In his first tournament (SASUKE 9) as an All-Star, he wore #97 and despite taking two attempts on the Soritatsu Kabe, he again returned to the Third Stage. In a heavily redesigned 3rd Stage, Takeda lost his grip halfway the new Lamp Grasper. He was able to recover, but unfortunately he definitively lost his grip at the penultimate lamp.

In the 10th anniversary competition, he shocked many failing a revamped Jump Hang (an obstacle that he always passed before), in which the net was more further than any other tournaments, a fate that will son meet the new member of the All-Stars, Nagano Makoto.

Third Stage Trips

These next tournaments consecrate Takeda as one of the most consistent competitors ever. He always reached the Third Stage, still holding the record for the most appearances in this Stage.

In SASUKE 11, he suddenly failed the near the end of the Body Prop, despite not showing any sign of struggling. He probably suffered a sharp pain somewhere that forced him to release his grip.

In SASUKE 12 he managed to take his revenge on both Body Prop and Lamp Grasper and made it again to the Pipe Slider. This time he was able to perform a dismount, but he landed too away to the mat and during his fall he hit the bottom support of the obstacle injuring his right shoulder. This accident will be determinant in his next attempts.

In fact, because of the aforementioned injury, SASUKE 13 was the beginning of his troubles on the Cliffhanger. He was able to do the second transition, but his grip gave way just before he could land on the platform, while in the next competition, he even failed to make the second transition. He finally beat this obstacle in SASUKE 15, and, while facing the new Devil Balanço, he had the left hand on the Pipe Slider's bar and the right one on the Devil Balanco's trapeze. He ran out of stamina and he could not transfer the other hand to the Pipe Slider. SASUKE 16 saw another Cliffhanger's fail, while in SASUKE 17, he took his revenge here and even on the Devil Balanco, but again he didn't have enough distance on the Pipe Slider and failed here.


After SASUKE 17, originally Takeda had considered retiring from SASUKE, but was convinced otherwise by his children.

In SASUKE 18 he arrived late to the competition. As a result, he had no bib and ran between #86 and #87. He successfully cleared the newly-redesigned First Stage and was out of breath afterwords. With this, he extended his record of consecutive First Stage clears to 8. However, he struggled at the new Salmon Ladder in the Second Stage, and fell before the last, largest gap due to making a fatal mistake of not throwing enough momentum. It was the first time he had failed the Second Stage since his debut.

In SASUKE 19, he had to attempt the Pole Maze twice, wasting valuable time. Though he made it to the Soritatsu Kabe, he failed to scale it multiple times (perhaps because of the added height), and though he eventually cleared it, he timed out immediately after..

In SASUKE 20, though he had no problems for most of the course, he lost a lot of time trying to transfer to the cargo rope in the Flying Chute, costing him to time out on the Rope Ladder, suffering his first second consecutive First Stage defeat.

In SASUKE 21, he cleared the First Stage with 15.79 seconds to spare. He exacted his revenge on the Salmon Ladder, passing it with ease, and made his way for a record 11th time to the Third Stage. He became the first to clear the Shin-Cliffhanger, and ultimately failed the Hang Climbing.

In SASUKE 22, he misstep the trampoline on the Jumping Spider in the First Stage, and failed there.

He was able to return to the Third Stage in SASUKE 23 and was able to clear the Hang Climbing that eliminated him before, but failed the very next obstacle, the Spider Flip.

In SASUKE 24 he performed well in the First Stage, and was even able to clear the Slider Jump without jumping and as a result the first stage, being the only All-Star to do so, while several Shin Sedai members advanced with him. In the Second Stage he was able to clear the Salmon Ladder to Unstable Bridge connection easily and the Second Stage. Takeda returned to the Third Stage for a record 13th time. Expectations for Takeda to make the Final Stage were high, as 5 subsequent competitors cleared the 3rd stage until it was Takeda's turn. Carrying the expectations of everyone and including the All-Stars, Takeda went into the Third Stage as the last challenger. He performed well on the new Rope Junction like the six competitors before him. On the Hang Climbing he lost some strength while climbing. When he reached the Spider Flip he struggled and was not able to pull himself up the first wall. In an interview he stated that Nagano had been doing a lot of work for the All-Stars to keep their name. It was a very emotional moment in SASUKE. This would be Takeda's most recent Third Stage appearance.

Kanzen Renewal

He returned in SASUKE 25 and he drew #70 from the lottery, his lowest start position ever and his lowest since SASUKE 8. In the First Stage, with Katsumi Yamada and Bunpei Shiratori absences he was the first All-Star to attempt the First Stage. He performed well, and cleared with 8 seconds to spare. In the Second Stage, he failed due to making the same error as he did in SASUKE 18, and unexpectedly failed on the last rung of the new Double Salmon Ladder. Due to a scheduling conflict, he was unable to attend SASUKE 26, ending his run of 21 competitions in succession. Takeda did attend SASUKE 27, but did not compete.


Takeda returned in SASUKE 28, failing the Rolling Escargot, when he struggled on it and jumped to the ending platform, but his foot touched the water in the process. In his speech afterwards, he stated defiantly that he performed terribly and wanted to return.

Ηe returned for SASUKE 29 wearing #95. He started in good shape, clearing the Long Jump and Log Grip with ease. However, on the Hedgehog, he lost his balance near the end of the obstacle and fell sideways, holding himself from the mat next to it. A few moments later, he could not hold on and failed there.

In SASUKE 30 he was wearing #2980. He cleared the First Stage (breaking his 2 consecutive First Stage failures) however he was disqualified on the Swap Salmon Ladder when the bar missed the rung and fell to a lower level, making it the 3rd time that he failed a version of the Salmon Ladder.

In SASUKE 31 he shocked everybody failing the very first obstacle, the Rolling Hill. He tried to jump from the top of the rolling hill like Yamamoto Shingo, but would come up short and land in the water, just like Shingo.

In SASUKE 32, Takeda wore #98. His run was digested (but shown on Challenge). He started strong despite going at a slower pace. He had to take two attempts at the Double Pendulum and then ran out of stamina at the Soritatsu Kabe. Timing out there after three attempts.

In SASUKE 33, Takeda wore #90. He cleared the First Stage with 12.70 seconds to spare. He failed the Salmon Ladder Kudari in the Second Stage, failing on the last rung. This marks the 4th version of the Salmon Ladder he's failed on.

In SASUKE 34, he once again cleared the First Stage with just under 10 seconds left on the clock, becoming only the second person to clear the First Stage in consecutive tournaments in his 40s, with the other being Yoshiyuki Okuyama (SASUKE 26 at age 40 and SASUKE 27 at age 41). In the Second Stage, he struggled with the Salmon Ladder Kudari when the bar landed lopsided with one side two rungs down. Takeda struggled to correct this and ultimately failed due to fatigue. This marked the first time Takeda failed the Second Stage in 2 consecutive tournaments.

In SASUKE 35, he cleared the first few obstacles, but on the new Dragon Glider, he cleared the trampoline jump but he didn't let go of the bar when doing the transition to the second track and ultimately timed out there.

In SASUKE 36, he started off strong, however on the Wing Slider he slipped on the obstacle and injured his left shoulder. Although he managed to clear the Fish Bone it was evident he was in pain. He withdrew from the competition just before the Dragon Glider to prevent further injury.

He did not compete in SASUKE 37 due to his injury acting up numerous times and has also stated he might consider retiring due to said injury. However, on his YouTube channel, he has confirmed that he will return to competition in SASUKE 38.


SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
5 74 Failed Spider Walk (Second Stage) Failed Spider Walk just after finishing the Tackle Machine.
6 93 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
7 96 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out.
8 71 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage)
9 97 Failed Lamp Grasper (Third Stage)
10 997 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
11 97 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
12 95 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Failed Jump. Injured his shoulder during dismount.
13 98 Failed Cliff Hanger (Third Stage) Injured.
14 97 Failed Cliff Hanger (Third Stage) Injured.
15 96 Failed Devil Balanço (Third Stage) Had one hand on the Pipe Slider and one hand on Devil Balanco when he fell. Last Man Standing.
16 98 Failed Cliff Hanger (Third Stage)
17 91 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Failed Jump.
18 86? Failed Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) He did not have a number, but was around 86th to run. Sixth Level.
19 96 Failed Soritatsu Kabe/Flying Chute (First Stage) Time Out after he beat the Soritatsu Kabe, but before he could attempt the Flying Chute.
20 1995 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Time Out.
21 98 Failed Hang Climbing (Third Stage) First to beat the Shin-Cliffhanger
22 92 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
23 97 Failed Spider Flip (Third Stage) Failed to flip to the 2nd wall.
24 98 Failed Spider Flip (Third Stage) Exhausted.
25 70 Failed Double Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Fourth Level, Second Ladder.
28 97 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage) Course Out. His foot skimmed the water while landing.
29 95 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage) He completed the obstacle, but lost his balance and fell.
30 2980 Failed Swap Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Disqualified. Bar fell to lower level 
31 93 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage)
32 98 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out.
33 90 Failed Salmon Ladder Kudari (Second Stage)
34 91 Failed Salmon Ladder Kudari (Second Stage)
35 91 Failed Dragon Glider (First Stage) Didn't let go of the bar when doing the transition. Time Out.
36 85 Withdrew, Dragon Glider (First Stage) Withdrew due to shoulder injury on the Wing Slider.

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