Takami Toshiharu (高見 俊治) is a Medical Student who has competed three times.

As a high school student, Takami competed in the SASUKE 21 Trials. In the first group, he competed with future SASUKE competitors Sato Jun and Katō Ryouma. He cleared along with Sato and advanced to the second stage where he failed to qualify for SASUKE 21.

He first competed in SASUKE 28, where his run was all cut. However, a picture of him failing can be shown in is Facebook profile that he failed the Jump Hang Kai, when he appeared not to have jumped far enough to get both hands on the right net.

In his second attempt in SASUKE 29, he was shown to clear the First Stage with about 2 seconds left. However, in the Second Stage he failed the third transition on the Swap Salmon Ladder when the left side of the bar missed the rung causing the bar to be uneven, therefore, disqualifying himself.

In SASUKE 30, he returned to the Second Stage, but again failed the Swap Salmon Ladder at the fifth gap when he didn't seem to lurch the bar far enough with his arms.


SASUKE # Result Notes
28 69 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage) All Cut. Picture shown in Facebook profile.
29 65 Failed Swap Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Disqualified. Both Runs Digested. (Failed Third Gap.)
30 2971 Failed Swap Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Digest. Failed (5th gap)
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