Takaharu Nakagawa (中川貴晴) is a former football player who competed three times on SASUKE. In his first appearance, SASUKE 33, his run was digested, but he was shown to have timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe. He returned in the next tournament, where he cleared the First Stage with 1.50 seconds left, the slowest time of the day. On the second stage, he went out on the Salmon Ladder Nobori with both of his runs being digested. In SASUKE 36, he cleared the First Stage for the second straight time with 9.28 seconds left. On the Second Stage, he went out on the Spider Walk, his best performance yet. He fell similar to a way of Nagasaki Shunsuke. Every single run of his in SASUKE (every tournament he has competed in and every stage he has ran) was digested.

He also competed in SASUKE Vietnam 4, as an international competitor. He cleared the deadly second obstacle, Tick Tock, but shockingly lost his balance on Spinning Log and fell to the water. This was the first time his full run was shown on TV in any SASUKE show, instead of being digested.


SASUKE # Result Notes
33 70 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Digest Timed Out
34 86 Failed Salmon Ladder Nobori (Second Stage) Digest
36 83 Failed Spider Walk (Second Stage) Digest.Paravi Original
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