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The Swing Edge (スイングエッジ) is an obstacle introduced in Third Stage in SASUKE 39 as the third obstacle, replacing the Planet Bridge.

The obstacle is comprised of three sets of ledges placed on freely-swinging X-shaped frames, arranged on a slight decline. There is also netting installed on the second and third frame, presumably to deny competitors to grab the ledge from beneath the frame. The handles are revealed to be 4.5 cm thick briefly mentioned during the demonstration of the Third Stage.

Competitors must grab the first set of handles and make a blind transition towards the second set of handles, repeating the same action from the second set to the third set, before making a dismount to the landing platform.

Closer Side View of Swing Edge

The Swing Edge functions similarly to the Falling Shelves, introduced as the third obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 12's finals course, particularly in the utilization of the blind transition. Compared to this obstacle however, there are notable differences.

  • The X-shaped frames are in vertical positions to begin with, instead of the horizontal frames which drop once competitors apply their weight into it,
  • All of the X-shaped frames are free moving, rather than snapping into a fixed position.
  • There are two sets of blind transitions/ledges instead of one.
  • The design of all X-shaped frames are connected with two long poles above, instead of two beams installed with each frames individually.

The obstacle did major damage in its debut, taking out competitors such as Yamamoto Yoshiyuki and Matachi Ryo. In addition, competitors would be disqualified if they did not grab the red section whilst making the transition, which happened during Isa Yoshinori's run.

Isa grabbed the frame of the Swing Edge in close-up, disqualifying him.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
39 3 6 50%
Total 3 6 50%