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Swing Circle (スイングサークル) was a Third Stage obstacle introduced in SASUKE 25 as the fifth obstacle, replacing Jumping Bars that was placed since SASUKE 14. It consisted of four rings hanging from the scaffolding above, where the competitor must jump from one ring to the next ring below it, similar to Jumping Bars. The rings appeared to be on a track similar to Gliding Ring, except the track was shorter and steeper, and the rings may be able to move freely.

The obstacle was never attempted during its short lifespan, due to the immense difficulty of Ultimate Cliffhanger and with it being replaced by Jumping Ring in SASUKE 27, it become one of three obstacles never attempted in SASUKE history, along with Skywalk and Sending Climber, both introduced in SASUKE 19.

A tester demonstrating Swing Circle in SASUKE 25

Other Appearances

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 4's Swing Circle in Southeast region

Swing Circle appeared as the fifth obstacle in American Ninja Warrior 4 in Southeast region, but with an addition of the trampoline at the starting platform. Kamerion Wimbley became the first competitor to complete it on either American Ninja Warrior or SASUKE.

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Swing Circle

Despite no competitor attempting Swing Circle in SASUKE and it only being used once on American Ninja Warrior, Swing Circle was used three times during the first three seasons of Ninja Warrior UK. However, the obstacle was modified in each season:

  • In Ninja Warrior UK, the obstacle was similar to the one used on American Ninja Warrior 4, except there was no trampoline at the starting platform.
  • In Ninja Warrior UK 2, the number of rings was reduced from four in the previous season to just three.
  • In Ninja Warrior UK 3, the number of rings was returned to four, with smaller rings than during the past two Ninja Warrior UK seasons.

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior's Swing Cycle

In Australian Ninja Warrior, Swing Circle appeared as the fifth obstacle in Heat 5, and was called Swing Cycle. However, the obstacle looked similar to Circle Cross, with the absence of the ropes.

Ninja Warrior Poland

Ninja Warrior Poland 4's Swing Circle

In Ninja Warrior Poland 4, Swing Circle appeared as the fourth obstacle during Heats. It consisted of six rings: the first three were placed gradually higher, and the next ones went lower and lower. Additionally, the spacing between the third and fourth rings was much longer, which required more swing. The obstacle eliminated, among others, Polish singer Joanna Lazer, who also applied for the program.

Ninja Warrior Poland 5's Swing Circle

Then on Ninja Warrior Poland 5, Swing Circle reappeared as the fourth obstacle in Heat 1 and Heat 4. This time it consisted of five rings, the distance between the third and fourth rings being longer.

Ninja Israel

Ninja Israel 2's Salmon Ladder to Swing Circle to Cargo Net

On Ninja Warrior Israel 2, the Swing Circle appeared as the ninth obstacle in the finals' Stage one combined with the Salmon Ladder and Cargo Net. After completing the Salmon Ladder part, competitors must grab a first ring, swing to the second, and jump from the second ring onto the net on which they have to climb.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
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