Sugiyama Shinya
Sugiyama Shinya.jpg
Sugiyama Shinya, SASUKE 32
Biographical Info
Born October 3, 1983
Age 36
Job TBS Announcer
As an announcer
SASUKE Announcer
1st Chair SASUKE 37
2nd Chair SASUKE 32 - SASUKE 36
Total 6 competitions
KUNOICHI Announcer
2nd Chair KUNOICHI 9 - KUNOICHI 10
Total 2 competitions

Sugiyama Shinya (杉山 真也) is a TBS announcer. His debut came in SASUKE 32, when he replaced Itō Ryūsuke as the number 2 announcer. In SASUKE 37, he moved to the #1 announcer, replacing Sato Fumiyasu, and Ogasawara Wataru returned as the #2 announcer.

He was also the #2 announcer in KUNOICHI 9.

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