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American Ninja Warrior: All Stars Special 2's Striding Steps

The Striding Steps is an obstacle, debuted on American Ninja Warrior: All Stars Special 2, and has been a regular event for the Skills Competition on multiple American Ninja Warrior: All Star Special tournaments since then. It is considered as a supersized version of the Sonic Swing from Team Ninja Warrior.

Competitors must sprint across nine pedestals (spaced five feet apart between each pedestals), then grabbed a rope, swung back, and sprinted across the steps in other direction, and finally climbed and hit the buzzer at the top of the wall.

While the concept is simple, due to be used as speed race as competitors have to go as fast as possible, there is a high risk of losing the balance and fall to the water, as many competitors failed there throughout the history.

American Ninja Warrior 13's Striding Steps in Stage Two

As time went on, this obstacle had gained enough difficulties to be appeared on the regular American Ninja Warrior's course. Finally, it made its regular season debut as the first obstacle in Stage Two on American Ninja Warrior 13, replacing the Giant Walk the Plank from its past recent appearance. There were some changes made for the obstacle:

  • The number of pedestals was decreased to eight, with later pedestals having smaller diameter than earlier ones. The final pedestal was eight inches wide.
  • After reaching the rope, instead of turning back and running once again, competitors had to swing directly to the next obstacle.

Compared to the previous obstacles that were in the same obstacle position as the Striding Steps, the obstacle was directly succeeding the next obstacle, in other words there was no landing platform to land on.

On the first appearance in regular course, this obstacle took out Donovan Metoyer, Kai Beckstrand, and most shockingly, Joe Moravsky.


  • The first time since American Ninja Warrior 7 that the first obstacle of Stage 2 wasn't an upgraded version of a second obstacle from a Qualifying course.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW13 26 29 89.66%
Total 26 29 89.66%

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