The Stick Slider (スティックスライダー) is a Second Stage obstacle, which was introduced into the course with the course redesign in SASUKE 18.

This obstacle directly follows the Salmon Ladder. After reaching the final rung of the Salmon Ladder, competitors must negotiate a final gap and land the bar onto a declining track in a "V" shape. Competitors must then keep the bar on the track and let go at the right time to reach a mat at the bottom.

It was redesigned into the Slider Drop for SASUKE 25.

SASUKE 20 Issues

An additional hurdle to get over was keeping the bar on the track. This became a big issue in SASUKE 20, when the track was not evenly slick and the right side of the track would get stuck.

In an interview, Levi Meeuwenberg said that every tester that got to the Stick Slider failed there, because the left side of the track would go too far, while the right side of the track consistently got stuck.

This became even more evident after Okuyama Yoshiyuki's failure there. Like the testers, the right side got stuck while the left side went perfectly, causing the bar to become too uneven and for him to fall into the water.

In the same interview, Levi mentioned that the design team spent thirty minutes trying to fix the problem. However, even when Levi was able to beat the Salmon Ladder and attempt the Stick Slider, he had problems. While the right side of the track was still getting stuck, Levi pushed the bar and that evened out the bar enough for him to clear the Stick Slider.

Post-SASUKE 20 Version

After Okuyama Yoshiyuki's failure of the Stick Slider in SASUKE 20, the producers added small stoppers to the ends of the bar to prevent it from happening again. Now, the only way to fail at the Stick Slider was to mistime one's release to the landing pad or lose the grip on the slide.

The track were still inconsistent and the bar tended to go to one side more times than not (even causing Urushihara Yuuji to come to a complete stop in SASUKE 22), but this was no longer a way to fail. In SASUKE 22, a small net (similar to the one used to make the Flying Chute safer) was added to catch the bar when the competitors completed the obstacle. It was removed after SASUKE 23, with the Unstable Bridge moved to the third obstacle.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 3 3 100%
19 0 0 N/A
20 1 2 50%
21 4 4 100%
22 5 5 100%
23 11 11 100%
Total 24 25 96%

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