Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor, most renown for portraying Oliver Queen / Green Arrow on the DC superhero show, Arrow. Amell was one of the many celebrities to have a guest appearance on the Celebrity Ninja Warrior Red Nose Day Special in Los Angeles, California, kicking off American Ninja Warrior 9, being trained by Kacy Catanzaro.

Red Nose Day Special

On the course, Amell was perhaps known for dominating every obstacle on the qualifying course, conquering the Floating Steps, Cannonball Drop, Block Run, Warped Wall, and even the Fly Wheels and the new Battering Ram this season. He tied with Derek Hough for being the only celebrity to conquer all six qualifying obstacles legitimately. Even still, his completion of the six qualifying obstacles netted a $30,000 grant ($5,000 for each obstacle completed) to the children of Red Nose Day.

However, the main surprise in Amell's run came from his attempt on a back-half obstacle, typically used in a city finals course. After prior experience from his show, Amell attempted the Salmon Ladder. His success on it netted an extra $5000. Consequently, he made it all the way to the eighth obstacle, the Swinging Peg Board.

Steven Amell Complete's American Ninja Warrior Course FULL!

Steven Amell Complete's American Ninja Warrior Course FULL!

Amell's full run during Red Nose Day

File 197619 0 Stephen Amell 2

Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow


  • Amell had the highest amount of money cashed in during Red Nose Day, netting a grand total of $35,000 total.
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