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Steady Voyager (ステディボイジャー), stylized Steady Voyager in broadcast, was a VIKING obstacle originally located in the Third Fantasy Stage for VIKING 1, however, due to the difficulty of the Second Adventure Stage, it wasn't attempted until VIKING 3, where this obstacle was now located as the second obstacle of Final VIKING. It was one of the few mentally demanding obstacles in VIKING, with the others being the Bio Clock and Hawkeye. This obstacle contains influence from Kinniku Banzuke, being a smaller replica of the event Ottoto 9.

Steady Voyager being introduced in VIKING 2's Third Fantasy Stage

In the first two tournaments, the competitors could elect to try either this obstacle or Ultimate Plank for the first obstacle of Third Fantasy Stage, whichever suited their strengths more. If the competitors elect to attempt this, they had to balance a 2-metre metal pole on their fingers while moving along an electrified metal maze above them, navigating their way through the end and touch the button located on the top the obstacle with the pole to signify the obstacle cleared. If the pole came in contact with any of the maze, sparks flew above the maze, signifying failure. It was also not allowed for the competitors to let the pole fall to the ground, as it will resulted in disqualification. In the original design, the maze consisted of two stationary bars, two bars which contracted for a few seconds before retreating back, a moving wheel where the pole had to be in between the "spokes", and finally a curved track. When brought back in VIKING 3, the course remained largely unchanged, however, the curved track was removed, making the obstacle much easier.

In the first two tournaments, if competitors could clear this obstacle, a prize of ¥500.000 will be awarded, as well as a chance to proceed to Bio Clock, although such prize was never distributed from this obstacle due to it being unattempted in the first two tournaments.

This obstacle got its first attempt in VIKING 3 (Nagano Makoto electing to attempt Ultimate Plank in VIKING 2) because it was now located in Final VIKING and all the obstacles on the stage had to be cleared. The first attempt by Minamide Kimihiro is a success, however, Maeda Sho who attempt it after fail it about halfway of the obstacle, ending the tournament there as he was the Last Man Standing in this tournament.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found.
VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 0 N/A
2 0 0 N/A
3 1 2 50%
Total 1 2 50%

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