Welcome to Standard Editing Procedure - Sasukepedia 102. Here, we're going into more detail on how to properly edit and format general articles on Sasukepedia that aren not within the spectrum of competitor profiles, competition articles, or obstacle articles. Pages such as this are typically the general pages for each show, as well as pages relating to production and broadcast companies.

Varying Articles of Sasukepedia

When it comes down to Sasukepedia, for the most part, most users will not be editing these pages, but it is always helpful to have an insight on how things are done regardless. Now, to begin with, there are very few "general" articles to begin with on Sasukepedia, seeing as how we specialize in the other types of article pages; competitions, competitors, obstacles, and results. This leaves us with very few articles on other topics; but they are still there.

General Show Articles

The general topic for SASUKE for example, is one of them. Seeing as how the article is titled simply after the show, it is guaranteed to get a high amount of traffic and act as a hub for information. We need to take this hub of information, and present it in a way that can introduce users to the show, give them the details on it's history, format, and other varying topics. We won't get into the exact results of competitors in stage 2 of SASUKE 12, but as a hub of information and traffic, we will want to redirect them using the correct links to the other articles, such as stage 2 or SASUKE 12.

Group Articles

The same could be said for something along the lines of the KUNOICHI All-Stars. At time of writing, the article exists with little information for KUNOICHI, but still acts as a hub of information and traffic redirection to other articles. The article is a general article about a select group of competitors of KUNOICHI, and as such we will want to provide information on what the group is, how it was formed, and who are the members. But again, we don't want to put so much detail into it that we no longer have a need for individual articles for the competitors mentioned. We want to summarize and link to main articles.

Stage Articles

Most of the shows documented on Sasukepedia have multiple stages of competition, in which competitors are knocked out one by one (there are exceptions to this rule) by the various obstacles in the different stages. Typically, if a competitor fails one stage, they don't move on. With that in mind, stages also have articles relating to their use in the shows. We aren't going to want to go into great detail and post the results of each competitor to attempt the stage in question, since that would be over doing it and providing unwarranted information in an article meant to summarize the stage and not competitor results. Besides, if we did that for Stage 1 of SASUKE, you would have to list 2700 competitors, and no one wants to deal with that.

Company Articles

Companies behind the production and broadcast of SASUKE, such as TBS (broadcast) and Monster9 (production), also have articles. The articles here are meant to provide a general overview and idea of what the company is, who they are, and what they do in general (in addition to their relation to SASUKE). Whenever possible, more information relating to the shows that Sasukepedia specializes in would be great, however we cannot take a general article that is meant to be about the company in question, and generalize it down to the simple fact that they were involved somehow with the production of SASUKE or related shows. We know they are involved, explain how they are involved and what they do, but do not make the article entirely about their involvement.


There are probably a few things that haven't been touched upon here, and if they haven't, then the pages are most likely so easily self explanatory that the need to go into any detail regarding them is null. Now that I think about it, the various list articles come to mind, such as List of SASUKE competitions, or List of KUNOICHI competitors.

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