ANW10 Spider Trap

American Ninja Warrior 10's Spider Trap

The Spider Trap is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the tenth and final obstacle in every city finals course on American Ninja Warrior 10, replacing the Elevator Climb from the previous season.

The obstacle had exactly the same function as the Spider Climb, which was used as the tenth and final obstacle in every city finals course on American Ninja Warrior 5 and American Ninja Warrior 6. However, the chute for the Spider Trap had 3 sets of trapdoors at the 15, 25, and 35-foot marks, each weighed 100 pounds (50 pounds each on the left and right sides). Therefore, when the competitors reached the sets of trapdoors, they must push and open the sets of trapdoors up until the competitors reached the top of the chute and hit the buzzer to complete the course.

In its first season appearance, the obstacle was proven to be much like the Spider Climb from American Ninja Warrior 5 and American Ninja Warrior 6, as only a handful of competitors failed on the obstacle. In fact, the obstacle only took out 3 out of 31 competitors who attempted it: Spencer Clapp (during Los Angeles finals), Dan Polizzi (during Indianapolis finals), and James McGrath (during Philadelphia finals).

Other Season Appearance

American Ninja Warrior 11

ANW11 Spider Trap

American Ninja Warrior 11's Spider Trap

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Spider Trap returned as the tenth and final obstacle during city finals round. This time, the trapdoors were placed at the 10, 22.5, and 35-foot marks.

In total, the obstacle had taken out 3 competitors: R.J. Roman, Jody Freeman, and Kenny Niemitalo (all during Atlanta finals; likely due to the rainy weather during the taping, causing the walls to be slippery and hard to maintain the traction).

Other Appearances

AusNW3 Chimney Sweep

Australian Ninja Warrior 3's Chimney Sweep

On Australian Ninja Warrior 3, the Spider Trap (called as the Chimney Sweep) appeared as the ninth and final obstacle in Stage One. However, the obstacle featured only one set of trapdoors placed at the top of the chute.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW City Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 Los Angeles 9 10 90%
Dallas 5 5 100%
Miami 3 3 100%
Indianapolis 3 4 75%
Philadelphia 3 4 75%
Minneapolis 5 5 100%
ANW11 Los Angeles 2 2 100%
Atlanta 5 8 62.5%
Oklahoma City 5 5 100%
Seattle/Tacoma 0 0 N/A
Baltimore 0 0 N/A
Cincinnati 7 7 100%
Total 47 53 88.68%
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