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The Spider Drop (スパイダードロップ) is a Second Stage obstacle that first appeared in SASUKE 30 as part of the Spider Walk. The function of the obstacle was to drop from the end of the Spider Walk down to a lower set of panels and dismount the obstacle. The distance between the two panels is 1.8 meters. In SASUKE 30, the obstacle had black mats separating the two sets of panels to prevent injury and a screen wall to prevent competitors from skipping the obstacle.

In SASUKE 31, the obstacle was modified to have a curved wall instead of the black mats and was made into its own individual obstacle instead of being part of the Spider Walk.

To date, Yamamoto Keitaro and Nagasaki Shunsuke failed at this obstacle in SASUKE 35, and most recently, Saikawa Kōji in SASUKE 38. Drew Drechsel came close to fail in SASUKE 30, as he slipped on the left side of the panel. However, he was able to correct himself and clear the obstacle.

Comparison of Hioki Masashi attempted both versions of the Spider Drop

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
31 10 10 100%
32 8 8 100%
33 7 7 100%
34 16 16 100%
35 6 8 75%
36 14 14 100%
37 8 8 100%
38 9 10 90%
39 12 12 100%
Total 90 93 96.77%