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The Slant Edge (スラントエッジ) is a brand new obstacle introduced in KUNOICHI 9 in the BLUE Stage (Second Stage).

This obstacle had a similar concept with these obstacles: the Mujouheki, Kabegiwa Den, and Narrow which is the combination of first two aforementioned obstacles. Competitors have to navigate through the ledge with a tilted wall separated into two sections tilting 10 degrees and 20 degrees. The yellow beam-like handholds are to assist competitors from falling over due to the tilted wall. Unlike the Mujouheki, competitors would lean forward and not facing the wall (similar to the Kabegiwa Den or Narrow).

Competitors view when facing the Slant Edge

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
9 5 5 100%
Total 5 5 100%