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American Ninja Warrior 9's Sky Hooks in San Antonio

The Sky Hooks is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in San Antonio.

Competitors needed to hold on to a free-moving ring, which was rested on a cradle, and must swing into a cradle parallel to it. Then, they must repeat it for the next two rings and make a dismount to the landing platform to advance.

During San Antonio qualifiers, this obstacle was proven to be brutal, as 25 competitors failed on this obstacle, including Jessell Boseman, Chris Cambre, Joe Calderon, Nico Gentry, and most notably, Kacy Catanzaro, who was an inch away from landing the ring into the last cradle. Most of the time, competitors lost control of their motion, which affected their transfers to the next cradles. A common error done on the obstacle was a side-to-side circular motion of the body, rather than a straight body swing to the next cradle. 

During San Antonio finals, the second set of cradles was removed. Despite this modification, the obstacle only eliminated Brittany Hanks and Kaiti Haymaker.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 10

American Ninja Warrior 10's Sky Hooks in Los Angeles

On American Ninja Warrior 10, the Sky Hooks appeared as the fourth obstacle during Los Angeles qualifiers, with the gap between each sets of cradles increased by a few inches. Coincidentally, the obstacle was placed after the Spinning Bridge, in which both obstacles were used in San Antonio course on the previous season.

Although the third set of cradles stumbled a few competitors, such as Flip Rodriguez and Zhanique Lovett, the obstacle otherwise dealt less damage than during San Antonio qualifiers on the previous season. Even though it claimed Riles Nganga, Daniel Moreno, and Samantha Bush as some of its victims, it only wiped out 15 competitors during Los Angeles qualifiers.

Also during Los Angeles qualifiers, 4 female competitors (Tiana Webberley, Anna Shumaker, Selena Laniel, and Zhanique Lovett) were able to get past it, in contrast to during San Antonio qualifiers on the previous season, when Barclay Stockett was the only female competitor to get past it. Because of this, the Sky Hooks was served as the cut off for the top 5 female competitors, with Samantha Bush claiming the final spot.

American Ninja Warrior 10's Sky Hooks in Minneapolis

During Los Angeles finals, the obstacle was replaced by the Flying Shelf Grab. Later on the same season, the Sky Hooks reappeared as the third obstacle during Minneapolis finals, replacing the Ring Jump during Minneapolis qualifiers.

During Minneapolis finals, similar to during San Antonio finals on the previous season, the second set of cradles was removed, leaving with just 2 sets of cradles. Just like during San Antonio finals, 3 competitors failed on the obstacle. It ended the runs of Andrew “Roo” Yori, Dan Delano, and Sarah Schoback.

Other Appearances

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2's Sky Hooks

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, the Sky Hooks appeared as the fifth obstacle in Semifinal 1. However, the obstacle was a fusion between the Ring Swing and the Sky Hooks itself, in which:

  • The first half of the obstacle worked the same as the first part of the Ring Swing, in which competitors must grab a ring, swing it, and hook it to the post.
  • The second half of the obstacle worked the same as the Sky Hooks, except only one set of cradles was used.

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 5's Sky Hooks

On Ninja Warrior UK 5, the Sky Hooks appeared as the fifth obstacle in Heat 3.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW9 (qualifiers) 30 55 54.54%
ANW9 (finals) 30 33 90.91%
ANW10 (Los Angeles) 37 52 71.15%
ANW10 (Minneapolis) 28 31 90.32%
Total 125 171 73.10%



American Ninja Warrior - Crashing the Course- San Antonio (Presented by POM Wonderful)

  • The Sky Hooks was one of the eight obstacles that won the first edition of American Ninja Warrior: Obstacle Design Challenge, and designed by Benjamin Tan. At 7 years old, Benjamin Tan is currently the youngest winner of the contest.
  • The Sky Hooks had a similar concept with the second part of the Giant Ring Swing, in which competitors must swing the ring from one hook to the other.

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