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Shiratori Bunpei (白鳥 文平) is a former Triple Jumper and Civic Employee in his home village of Inba, Chiba Prefecture, in the Health and Services department. He is the sixth and the last member of SASUKE All-Stars. He is also known for building over 11 replica SASUKE obstacles in his backyard. Competitors have visited his home to train on what is sometimes called the 'Shiratori Shrine', although the place has been brought down in 2009 (possibly after SASUKE 22 as Satō Hiromichi is seen training on it prior to the tournament).

Debut and Early Success

In the ninth tournament, his debut, Shiratori impressed many by clearing Jump Hang by using only one foot on the trampoline. Though he ultimately timed out on Soritatsu Kabe, he left a strong impression.

Shiratori did not compete in the 10th tournament, but in his next attempt, the 11th tournament, he cleared the First Stage. He would time out at the Wall Lifting in the Second Stage.

Shiratori's potential was not truly shown until SASUKE 12, where he advanced to Third Stage without any problem whatsoever. Though at one point, his grip slipped on Lamp Grasper, he recovered and made his way through Cliffhanger and Pipe Slider at an incredible speed. Landing the Pipe Slider's jump perfectly as well, he cleared Third Stage on his first attempt, a feat only achieved since then by Urushihara Yuuji in SASUKE 22, Hashimoto Koji in SASUKE 24, Matachi Ryo in SASUKE 27, Kawaguchi Tomohiro in SASUKE 30, and Rene Kaselowsky in SASUKE 37. Ultimately, he timed out on Tsuna Nobori in Final Stage.

His success was recognized in SASUKE 13, where he was given #99. Shiratori once again made his way to Pipe Slider in Third Stage, but mistimed his jump/dismount and fell into the water below. However, this did prove that his performance in the previous tournament was not a fluke and after this tournament, he was named as an All-Star.

As An All-Star

In SASUKE 14, though he cleared First Stage with time to spare, he fell painfully on the Balance Tank in the Second Stage. Afterwards, in an interview, Shiratori speculated that his fall was due to the fact that he had gotten too used to the obstacle and was not paying enough attention.

In SASUKE 15, due to temperatures rising to 34°C (100°F), Shiratori fell prey to heat exhaustion. For a while, it was uncertain whether he would be able to compete. As his number approached, he was still being treated, thus Yamamoto Shingo, who was next in line, went before him. After the other 99 competitors went, Shiratori was ready to compete and managed to clear not only First Stage, but Second Stage as well. He advanced all the way to Climbing Bars in Third Stage before falling, apparently too exhausted to continue. His result in this tournament was second only to Takeda Toshihiro's, who advanced to Devil Balanço.

In SASUKE 16, he once again made it to Third Stage, where he was the first to use the one-handed approach on Devil Balanço, building up momentum on the green resting bar before transferring to the orange bar and easily making it to the pipe. Though he was once again unable to clear the Pipe Slider's jump, his approach on Devil Balanço paved the way for a 100% Clear Rate on the obstacle in the next tournament. However, he fell early on Body Prop in the Third Stage in SASUKE 17.

Shin-SASUKE and Afterwards

In SASUKE 18, after the renewal, though Shiratori was viewed as one of the most likely to do well on the course, he slipped on the Spider Walk portion of Jumping Spider and fell into the water. This was his first time failing First Stage failure since his debut.

SASUKE 19 was to be a battle with stamina; he failed Soritatsu Kabe (now 20 cm higher) multiple times and even though he finally cleared it, he timed out on Flying Chute.

In SASUKE 21, though he still suffered from back pains, he was able to clear First Stage (though afterwards he seemed exhausted). However, he lost his balance on Downhill Jump in Second Stage and fell into the water below.

Shiratori missed SASUKE 20 with a back injury and SASUKE 22 with a knee injury; however, before SASUKE 22, he helped train Satô Hiromichi on his version of the Soritatsu Kabe, which Satô passed in the tournament. He was present during SASUKE 24 and stood on the sidelines with other All-Stars, but did not compete due to his injuries from which he was still recovering. He is still said to suffer from chronic back and knee pains.

In early May 2014, it was announced that Shiratori would return for SASUKE 30 after a nine-tournament absence, as he expressed disappointment for missing the two previous Anniversary tournaments (despite his famous Shiratori Shrine was torn down years ago, proven by him taking pictures of his previously crowded backyard compared to his now clean backyard). Wearing #2997, he failed Jump Hang Kai due to mis-hitting the trampoline. He used his one-foot leap technique on the trampoline, but it proved to not be enough. On the replay, it was also shown that his foot over-shot the trampoline while jumping.

After SASUKE 30, he never competed again, although he never rule out the possibility to return for later tournaments if he was healthy enough.

He and Akiyama Kazuhiko were present during SASUKE 32 to watch and support their fellow All-Stars, especially Nagano Makoto as he is having a retirement ceremony in that tournament.


  • He and Akiyama Kazuhiko are the only All-Stars never to have failed any Cliffhanger variant. However, they both also the only All-Stars who never attempt Tackle Machine, Rolling Hill, Quad Steps, TIE Fighter, Fish Bone or Dragon Glider.
    • He is also the only All-Star to have ever attempted one version of Cliffhanger (Cliffhanger Kai).
  • Shiratori is the only competitor to fail Climbing Bars.
  • Counting Akiyama Kazuhiko's Kanzenseiha as a Last Man Standing performance, Shiratori is the only All-Star to have never been Last Man Standing.
  • While he is the only All-Star to never fail Jump Hang, He is the only All-Star to fail Jump Hang Kai.
  • Shiratori is the only person to wear #81-83.
  • After SASUKE 21, Shiratori was the oldest man to have competed in Final Stage (age 36) and Third Stage (age 39). Both are now held by Okuyama Yoshiyuki, reaching Final Stage at 39 in SASUKE 24 and Third Stage at 41 in SASUKE 27.
  • Shiratori is the second-oldest All-Star, behind Yamada Katsumi by roughly two years.
  • Shiratori holds the highest clear ratio for the First Stage out of the All-Stars, at an estimated 67% (eight out of 12 attempts). Behind him is Takeda Toshihiro who have 61% clear ratio (19 out of 31 attempts).
  • He is only of the All-Stars to never attempt Marura Nobori, Goren Hammer, Arm Bike or Rolling Escargot.
  • He and Nagano Makoto are the only All-Stars to never attempt Propeller Untei. They are also the only competitors to fail Downhill Jump.
  • He, Takeda Toshihiro, and Nagano Makoto are the only All-Stars to clear First Stage in their 40s, with Shiratori doing so at SASUKE 21 (41 years old), Takeda at SASUKE 33 (41 years old), and Nagano at SASUKE 30 (42 years old).
  • He had the lowest streak of First Stage failures by an All-Star, with two.
  • He and Takeda are the only All-Stars who never attempt Spin Bridge.
  • During his Pipe Slider's attempt in SASUKE 13, while attempting the jump, the cameraman accidentally fell down to the water pit, marking one of few funny instances the cameraman did something wrong and it was caught on camera.
  • During his SASUKE 15's Third Stage run, he accidentally tripped on the stairs leading up to Rumbling Dice, marking one of few funny instances done by competitors on the course that was caught on camera.

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
9 79 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Digest. Time Out.
11 66 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Time Out. Second Wall.
12 77 Failed Tsuna Nobori (Final Stage) Time Out. About 21 metres up.
13 99 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Failed Jump.
14 96 Failed Balance Tank (Second Stage)
15 94 Failed Climbing Bars (Third Stage) Went last on First Stage due to heat exhaustion.
16 96 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Failed Jump.
17 81 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
18 95 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Failed Spider Walking portion.
19 82 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) Time Out.
21 83 Failed Downhill Jump (Second Stage) Lost balance.
30 2997 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage) Over-shot the trampoline.


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